Bedford Hotel
118 E 40th St
New York, NY 11203
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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I have decided to write only after reading the previous posting of 10/18/10 and the hotel's response on 11/11/10.

A friend and I stayed at this hotel on the nights of Sept 12, 13, 14 of 2010. We had packed very protectively for possible bedbug exposure and quite fully researched what to look for. On the morning of 9/13 I awoke with one bite on my finger which at that point I was willing to believe was a mosquito bite. We checked again and saw no evidence of bedbugs. On the morning of 9/15

I awoke with two more bites and by then the one on my finger had gotten worse. We checked again for bedbugs and found at least three pieces of evidence in my bed, none in hers. We notified management and they sent a crew to inspect. With a very quick, cursory glance all evidence was dismissed as "fuzz" and "mosquito bites". The mattress was quickly grabbed and turned over, thus losing the pieces of evidence. The room obviously did not have a huge infestation, but it did have a few, which probably would not appear as a moving bedbug(s) in the middle of the morning. We were told the room would be sealed off and further checked, though we do not know if this happened. Overall, we found the response to be dismissive.

Yes these matters are serious and accusations should not be reported falsely or casually. They should be treated as such by the hotel also, as the anxiety that results to the occupant is quite severe and lasting. And the bites are no fun either.

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Stayed at the hotel the weekend of February 5, 2011 and found several bedbugs on the mattress. My room was located on the third floor of the hotel.

Response from management of the Hotel Bedford:

In response to this claim of Oct. 18, the Hotel brought in a qualifed professional exterminator to evaluate this condition. There was no sighting of bed bugs present in the bed or any other area of the accommodation. Inasmuch as this is a very serious claim this hotel reacts quickly and takes every available precaution to prevent any potential spread.

Additionally, the room in question has been in continuous use before and after this claim a

nd there have been no sightings or reports from guests of any bites or disturbances.

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Date of incident: Saturday October 16, 2010

Upon pulling back bed sheets, blanket found live bedbug.

Reported/requested room change to management, was denied due to full occupancy in hotel.

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