Ace Hotel New York
20 W 29th St
New York, NY 11224

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Oct 23rd 2015. Stayed at the ace in a room in the back on the second floor next to the elevators and across from a room being remodeled.

Brought home bed bugs and have been treating apartment for two months now. Hotel would not admit to anything after I brought it up with them.

Welcome to my city.
It wasn't always this bad, but with every movie and tv show making it seem like a fireman or a maid can afford to not only support their family but live in the center of Manhattan in a 5 Bedroom and enjoy ALL New York has to offer...
this city has become so overpopulated and yes, bed bugs are here to stay since landlords and building owners could care less or use the excuse "we are doing everything and have a 5 step..." or "but in my country, India, we all have bugs, I just

squish them with my hand!"-Direct quote from former landlord.

Sorry your hopes and dreams were squashed, but at least now you know the real New York, the one that New Yorkers deal with daily. Yes, I have seen bed bugs at this hotel, while eating there. I have also seen them at Macy's on 34th st, H&M, had them three times, once requiring me to move-and all were caused by negligent owners and luckily the next two times after my first which required me to move and spend thousands were early detectors-I still moved.

I don't live in New York city anymore. I haven't had bed bugs since, it has been years. I see these bugs every time I go back to visit yearly...on the subway, on mattresses on the street..just stay in your car.

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i've stayed at the Ace 3 times now. Always clean and lovely and had a problem til this last stay. Was on 9th floor which i've never been on before. Came home with bites all over both feet.

Stayed at The Ace Hotel in January, nice room on the 19th floor. No bed bugs, clen and great service at the desk.

I stayed on the 10th floor at the Ace Hotel last month (May 2013) and had bed bug bites on my legs (20 total bites). To be fair, the hotel is stunning, clean, and the service was great, but the bites were not fun to deal with. This was my first BB experience so I didn't realize what they were until I left the next day and was too embarrassed to show anyone, let alone the Ace staff. I did call after I returned home and let them know and they were understanding and sympathetic. As much as I loved

my stay there, I don't think it's worth taking the risk of getting eaten again. Perhaps I'll just hang out in the lobby next time.

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I've stayed at the ACE at least 7 nights between June 22 and July 20th, 2012. I did not experience any bed bugs whatsoever. It was a great stay.

Just stayed at ACE and did experience a bed bug but the staff were amazing. They relocated us, laundered all of our clothes including the ones we stood up in, and upgraded us. I have confidence in their eradication efforts and despite our encounter, I would stay there again. My sense is they are doing the best they can.

Stayed for 3 days/4 nights in July of 2011. Had no problems at all. Very clean and bug free in my experience.

I stayed for 3 nights in Oct 2010, room 1015. It was clean and there were no bed bugs. Excellent stay, awesome hotel!

I stayed again 3 nights in March 2011, room 1203. Again, it was spotless with no bedbugs. I highly recommend this place.

All I can say is, AVOID floor 10 of the Ace Hotel (and the floors above and below, from my research).

I stayed in Room 1024, October 3-6, and progressively got more bites (I didn't know what they were at the time).

The bedbugs came home with me (bites started 2 days after we got back - standard timing)...

2 chemical and 1 heat treatment later, we still have them, now almost 4 months and $3,000 later (Not to mention the countless sleepless nights, and exhaustion from moving all the fur

niture and the family out for each treatment).

Ace staff were nice to me (and said they will treat me well on my next visit). However, they clammed up when I asked if they'd help with the bills...

We're still not done - about to book a second $1500 heat treatment. If this doesn't work, maybe we need to move out for a year to let the bugs die off?!?

Read before staying anywhere. If I had, I would have seen the reports for adjacent rooms at the Ace, on the same floor, just a few weeks before my visit.

The Ace may be TREATING for bedbugs, but they are certainly not managing to eradicate them!

(Full disclosure - I am a HUGE fan of the Ace Hotel chain. Before this experience, I was thinking this hotel would be my hotel of choice whenever I visit NYC...I just realize it's important people get full warning of the hazards - I wish I had known...)

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I believe that the manager speaks the truth on this matter, especially after reading a comment by a one "Tenant LLC".

Coincidentally, the term "Tenant LLC" happens to be part of the corporation name that strictly oversees the long-term tenant custodianship, and the author of the post reports a contradiction in the script that gives one pause to the credibility, and even motive, of the content within the post.

Residential tenants are well aware that if they experience any such problems,

that they are to report it directly to the LLC management office, and there problem is addressed both punctually and effectively. No tenant who was really experiencing such a problem would bring it to the hotel management, as they clearly have there own avenue of effective resolution.

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I want to begin by thanking those of you who have called us regarding postings on this website to hear our side of the story prior to booking. Ace does not have a bed bug problem – on the contrary Ace has preventative measures and protocol which are proactive and exceed what most other hotels are doing in the city. Our strategy continues to grow as new ideas are brought to the table. Ace made bed bug education and early detection a priority in early 2010 when news regarding the epidemic began

appearing. In addition to staff educational seminars, we wish to share some of the practices we have implemented in our prevention program. We hope that knowing how diligent we are will ease your mind. We perform in-depth preventative inspections daily, weekly and monthly. Daily by our trained housekeepers who check the rooms in key areas such as under furniture, behind headboards, cushions, and nooks in furniture to name a few; Weekly, by our preventative licensed exterminator visits; and then bi-monthly, by licensed dogs brought in to spot check rooms per month as well as public and back of house spaces. In addition to that:

• We wash all bedding regularly in hot water. The water is at least 120 degrees.
• We vacuum floors regularly, using the brush tool to vacuum the mattress and the narrow tool to vacuum crevices in the mattress and baseboards.
• Our new steam cleaner heats water to 340 degrees and is used on carpets and upholstery.
• CO2 chambers are used to test unoccupied rooms
• Our Suite Sleep organic latex mattresses are hypoallergenic, Bed-Bug resistant, and amazingly comfortable.
• Staff training takes place monthly by licensed exterminators, helping us identify what to look for and where to look.
• Finally, we have Heat Chambers which are available to guests who wish to treat their belongings at arrival or prior to departure

We want to be honest with you, our procedures took time and effort to develop and although we cannot guarantee we will never have an issue, we take this matter very seriously…as we do everything that involves guests of ACE, and that we can guarantee!
If you have any questions, or if I can be of further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Jan Rozenveld
Managing Director
[email protected]

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We stayed at the Ace Hotel in NY December 13 & 14, 2010. The first nite was okay - didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. Second day both myself and my husband woke up with bites all over our feet and legs. My husband even had 3 bites on his neck. When we raised the issue with the staff, they didn't seem at all surprised. We have filed a formal complaint with the management and have yet to hear back.

This place is atrocious. Ignoring an infestationn like this is supremely irrespons


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I stayed at the Ace on 12 November 2010 and had NO problems with bedbugs at all. I was in room 1020. It was a clean as a whistle and had a wonderful view as well! No bugs!

I stayed in Room 522 at the end of September, 2010 and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. I found a few bites on my feet the second day I was there that looked like mosquito bites. On my last day I had bites all over my legs, neck and arms.

The hotel told me that they would inspect the room, but they couldn't get anyone to inspect it for 3 days. I insisted that they remove any current guests in that room so they don't get bites. A week later I had to call and ask what came of th

e "incident" (their name for it) and all they could do was tell me that they do monthly checks and are sure there weren't any bugs.

I would not go back to this hotel if someone paid me to spend a night there again.

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Do you want bedbugs? Yes? then stay at the ACE NYC. There are a hand full of tenants who live in the ACE hotel 20 West 29th Street. This evening it was brought to the hotel managers attention that the 9th floor has a room with bed bugs. He told us that he was not concerned with tenant issues and that he would not forward my message to anyone in the hotel (we asked that he pass this on to Jan Rozenveld - GM).

Why would tourists want to stay at the Ace hotel NYC when managers don't care about b

ed bugs in the hotel? It is just a matter of time for all the rooms to be riddled with bedbugs with this kind of attitude. There have been other rooms with bedbugs too.

Bedbugs were the first guests to stay at the Ace and they may be the last.

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Last summer (July 2009), I stayed at the Ace Hotel and was eaten up by bedbugs. During my stay, I stayed in rooms 415 and 525. I never saw a bed bug in either room, but I didn't need bites were all the convincing I needed. I had bites on the back of my right knee, inside of my left leg (from mid thigh to top of my calf), left forearm, and back of my right hand.

When I informed the hotel that I had been bitten by bed bugs, they seemed incredulous and if I was insulting the

m. Then they said they would look into it. A few days later, they emailed me "letters" from an exterminator saying that no bed bug activity had been found in either room (the "letters" looked a little suspicious/doctored, if you ask me). But since I had no evidence of the infestation, there was nothing I could do. So I dropped the matter. But now that I read that someone else had a similar experience at Ace, it pisses me off.

Another thing that ticked me off is the fact that the hotel rep I spoke to tried to convince me that, perhaps, my bites were mosquito bites. Um, first of all, I know what mosquito bites look/feel like - especially because I am highly allergic. And second of all, even if the mosquito bite theory made any sense, I would have had to slather myself in sugar water and go stand outside for a good length of time to rack up as many bites as I had on my body.

Maybe if the Ace Hotel spent less time trying to be "hip," they could spend more time trying to correct their bed bug infestation...and improve their customer service skills.

Do NOT stay here.

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Ace Hotel - June 22- 25, 2010 - Room 1015

Had one bite on my hand after the first night. Second bite, same hand after the second night there. (I sleep with my left hand on the pillow near the headboard, that's the hand with the first two bites)
Third and final night there, woke up with 5 bites in a row up my left leg, across my knee.

Yes, there are bedbugs in the Ace Hotel.

But the worst part is that when I called management to let them know about the problem, they tried to convince

me that they didn't have a problem. I never asked for any compensation, only called to let them know there way an issue. Why they got so defensive is a mystery - perhaps the problem is widespread and they don't want it to get public???

Whatever. I don't really care what they do or how they plan to fix it. Fact remains that I was eaten up there and had to 'fumigate' all my luggage when I returned home.

No, I will not stay at the Ace Hotel again...

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