Ramada Inn
141 New Hartford St
New Hartford, NY 13413

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I just found out about this registry. After reading about the couple who found the bedbugs amongst the pillows my stomach turned. My husband and I stayed at this Ramada last night (8/20/13). The room actually gave me the creeps. We usually stay at another brand name hotel but it was very late and we were very tired. I don't normally check things out, but the pillows were old. I also was checking to see if we had clean sheets. My husband joked and askes if I was going to check for bedbugs ne

xt. I wish I had. The shower tile was filled with mold in areas. I refused to step in the shower! I would not recommend this flea bag motel to anyone.

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“Bed bugs”
Ramada - New Hartford
JacquesXP 2 contributions Calgary, Canada
Nov 6, 2010 | Trip type: Couples Our stop in the Utica-Rome region of upper New York State was the only unplanned stop on our 15-day tour of the U.S. North-East. We were driving North on Route 12 and it was getting time to look for a place to spend the night. Only two places seemed to be accessible: The Holiday Inn and the Ramada. After turning around for 45 minutes because of utterly misleading signage, we f

ound the Holiday Inn, but they had no vacancy. They told us that the Ramada still had 60 rooms available, and gave us the directions to there. We found the place quickly, and they were able to give us room 105, a King room with fridge at the reduced AAA rate. The hotel and room at first impression were OK, except that my spouse immediately noticed that corners in the room were all dusty. We settled down and ate the food that we had bought in Binghampton. Then I started shuffling the half dozen pillows that were on the bed. That's where I noticed the first bed bugs, all tiny and hiding between two of the pillows. I decided that maybe only these two pillow were infested, threw them on the floor and went to bed. My spouse was already freaked out, but decided to have some beer, so as to be able to go to bed a bit later without worrying too much. However, as soon as she turned the lights back on and moved her pillow, she saw another half-dozen of the bugs. When we squished them, all were now full of blood. I also spotted one on my PJ's, squished it and also got a bloody spotch. We therefore collected all our stuff, and went to the front desk. My spouse brought the receptionist to our room. The receptionist first said that he had never had that in 30 years, but had to admit the facts when he saw the squished bugs with my blood. My spouse asked if they had a leather sofa in an open room, but he said they had none. So he offered us a refund. We asked if we could sleep in the car in parking lot (it was already 2 AM, too late to look for another place), but he did not let us do that, so we decided to just drive on, in the night.

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