Super 8 Motel
104 Broadway
Monticello, NY

Found 2 reports:

It's August 2015...when we woke up we found a bed bug crawling on the pillow and our other friends in another room had blood stains on there t shirts and sheets when the woke up.manager only have us a 20 percent discount and mind you room was 157.00 and filthy ...and had to go to laundryman all day to clean all out belongings of 9 people! I hope they get shut down because this was devestating to our famy!

When we woke up there was a small, fat insect matching the description of a bedbug on the pillow. When I tried to pick it up with a plastic bag it burst after barely applying any pressure. It was full of blood. We took the sheets off of both full sized beds and found several more of the insects that weren't full of blood. The hotel gave us a 20% discount and told us they where getting exterminators in there the following day.

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