Quality Inn Massena
10 W Orvis St
Massena, NY 13662-1815

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I just wanted to state that I stayed at this hotel while I was visiting my son during parents weekend. I didn't check this site until quite some time after I had made the reservation and was dismayed to see the report about bedbugs. Since it is so hard to find a hotel for this weekend I figured we would hope for the best and if we needed to we would sleep in the car. Well I check the hotel room bedding, under the mattress, along the baseboards, the headboards and any where else I co

uld think of. No bed bugs. I was a little nervous that maybe I just didn't see them although I was using a flash light and I would end up with bites. Nothing. We had only reserved the room for 1 night but decided to see if there had been any cancellations for the next night. We had a different room and went through it again to check for bugs. Nothing. So don't stay away from this hotel because of a bad review.

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On Monday night I checked in around 8pm (11/15) and checked out at 8am on Tuesday the 16th. When I woke up that morning I was scratching my left eye and arm, but thought nothing of it until I left and was at breakfast and looked at what was itching me. I was upset to find that I had bedbug bites on various places on my right side (eye, inner forearm, and shoulder). I know these are bedbug bites because my apartment had an infestation when I lived in NYC 5 years ago. These bites are in a pattern

of 3 or 4 and have a particular burning sting itch that I have not had with other bites.

The hotel said that an exterminator inspected the room and found nothing, but in my experience bedbugs hide and need more than a quick inspection to be found.

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