LA Quinta Inn
34-98 Queens Blvd
Long Island City, NY 11101

Found 3 reports:

We checked into this hotel in August 2011. I was lucky enough to immediately spot a bedbug on my bed before settling in. The staff did switch our rooms immediately. After inspecting the new room, I slept fine at this hotel for the next 3 nights. I would have found somewhere else to stay, but my family did not seem up for it. I have seen other reviews with of this hotel that have the same complaint. Stay at your own risk.

Stayed here on Sept.17th, 2010 got a case of bedbugs pretty bad.All over legs & arms. Called the hotel itself & the front desk was very rude about it, kept hanging up & putting me on hold.Asked to speak to manager & he was great! Even credited the room charge back.Do not stay in room 304! From what management said this room has problems before with bedbugs..Obiviously they still do!

My wife has severely been bitten all over her body especially he face by bed bugs but for what ever reason not my self, we booked into in room 408 on the 7th October 2008.

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