Fairfield Inn-la Guardia Arprt
5234 Van Dam St
Long Island City, NY 11101

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I recently stayed at this hotel on Sunday September 18, 2011 and had the most disgusting experience.... I found bed bugs crawling on my bed!! Actually, let me back up a bit and explain the MANY flaws this hotel has. First, this hotel is advertised as having a Manhattan view and minutes away from Times Square... well that is a HUGE stretch. To be exact it is in the middle of ghetto industrial Queens. There is absolutely nothing around the hotel ie. no resturants, no stores, I mean NOTHING! Overal

l, the hotel is in a very sketchy area and if you plan on using the hotels shuttle service to get to Times Square BE AWARE that the subway stop ( 33rd and Rawson ) is in the heart of the ghetto.. I honestly feared for my life and thought I was going to get shot.

Back to my intial point about the bed bugs.... at first glance the hotel appears well kept and my room seemed clean. However, as I woke up the following morning I noticed several little bed bugs on my comforter. I couldn't believe what I saw. The first thing I did was call the front desk to complain they quickly sent a maintenance person up to look into the issue and he comfirmed the bed bugs. I packed all my belongings so quickly and stormed to the front desk to speak with the manager. Long story short... after I left the hotel the GM called me to let me know that a mild bed bug infestation was present in my room. He offered to refund me my stay and I accepted. However, PLEASE DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL!!

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We have stayed at this hotel before with no problem. Unfortunately on our last visit June 2011 I woke up about 3:00am and found one bedbug using me for dinner. I captured it while it was still alive and gave it to the manager of housekeeping who I ran into in the elevator. She told me they would have a service come and check the room for an infestation as we were checking out that day anyway. She said they would call me with follow up information but she never did. She also said they would

probably give me a free night stay on them next time. Needless to say I never heard from her and no compensation was provided. This is very disappointing for me as I am a Platinum Elite customer that stays with Marriott over 100 nights a year.

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Stayed here 5 times without problem.

However, found one in my bed and told management. They appeared surprised and called out a company to deal with it immediately.

Had another room the following night with no issues.

Wife freaked when I returned home and I had to thoroughly heat treat my luggage (everything) at > 120F for several hours to ensure the death of any that might have traveled back with me. Fortunately black bags and summer sun can be a great friend!

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