Comfort Inn Long Island City
4224 Crescent St
Long Island City, NY

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Hotel is now named RED LION INN & SUITES.
Stayed two nights June 5-6 2019 and left earlier because of bed bug bites over my arms, legs, face.

Stayed one night June 4, 2019. 36 hours later had bed bug bites over my arms and legs. Hotel is now named "Red Lion Inn & Suites"

I stayed here from 8/31/2013 through 9/2/2013.

I woke up with several bites every day. At first I thought these were mosquito bites. However, it was hard to believe mosquitoes could get me so badly underneath covers. Furthermore, these bites were in a line and came in bunches, a classic sign of bed bugs. One of these buggers must have laid eggs or embed his/her self in my luggage because I wound up with an infestation in my apartment about five-six weeks later, which is how long their egg

s take to hatch.

I've had to throw away my luggage and the treatment is running me a ton of money as well has adding stress and hassle to my life. I have only just begun to feel stress-free sleeping in my own room because I've been afriad I'd be feeding these things in my sleep and perpetuating the problem.


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I stayed at the Comfort Inn Long Island City from the 1st of September 2013 to the 12th of September 2013 in room 807. On the 4th morning I woke from my sleep due to some itching bites on my legs. I thought it might be mosquito bites and did not think more of it. The following morning I woke by having being bitten a lot more and I remembered reading an article about bed bugs and cities like New York. So I started looking through the sheets...and to my horror I found one. I took a photo of it and

killed it. I went down to reception and presented the bloody napkin and photo. They just looked at me like it was nothing and after a long discussion about the creatures all they could offer me was to send my clothes to be washed and me to change room. So I did and moved into room 407. I tried explaining to the reception that if the clothes/shoes I was wearing or my handbag was infected it would move the bugs to the new room. Again they looked at me as they had done everything they could do. So I left my suitcase and shoes (that I wasn't wearing) in the old room for an inspection by the pest guys. I however don't think that they ever called a bed bug company as the scheduled time kept changing (getting closer to my departure) and they would not give me the name of the company or a website or phone number so I could call them and talk about what precautions I should take. So I spend the entire day reading about what to do and I think I have done everything I could do when going home, but now I woke up this morning to several more bites. I hate this and it is no I have a hard time sleeping and have to arrange for a pest control company to come and that is expensive, time consuming and just a plain pain in the ass. I am so mad with the hotel and their ignorant way to discard my concerns and not giving me any chance to try and prevent the bugs from hitching a ride with me.

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July 23, 2011- I arrived at 3 am. rented a room. woke at 9am to leave and noticed I was covered in bites, at least 10-12 in the 6 hours I was in the room. I'm waiting to hear back from the manager for my money back.

Found a bedbug on the pillow. Hotel staffer confirmed it.

I checked out of the hotel.

They have a cover on the mattress, but this one was not on the mattress.

Stayed here last week and didn't notice any.

Only found one, but that's enough for me.

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