Fairfield Inn
3979 Rt-31
Liverpool, NY 13090-1311

Found 2 reports:

I was supposed to stay at this hotel Aug 8-13th. The first morning I woke up with 3 bites on my right arm. I thought at first it was chiggers. The second morning I woke up with bites on my leg and my other arm and on my wrist. I had never seen bedbugs bites before but I thought this might be what it was. I packed up my bags and checked out of the hotel but telling them first why I was checking out and switched to another hotel. They didnt seem too concerned.Luckly I didnt bring any with me. I am

a consultant for software vendor and was actually installing a computer at a physicians office, so I asked them when I came in to look at the bites and he confirmed they were bedbugs.

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Stayed In room 115 the second week of August for 3 nites and thru the week started showing up with small red itchy bumps on different parts of my body on the left side. By the time i left thur evening i had spots on my foot, thigh, torso, shoulder, and hand.. All on the left side of my body. On my travels home i figured out what might have happened.. Went to my family doctor the following day and it was confirmed that i had been bittin by bedbugs!!! I cannot say that I actually seen the bugs in

the bed or room.. But i can confirm that i was definitely bitten by bedbugs after a stay at this hotel in August!

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