Howard Johnson Liberty
2067 Rt-52
Liberty, NY 12754-2235

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I read about this bed bug in hojo but still planned to stay as it was much cheaper and cleaner when i entered the hotel, the front desk was very nice to let me check the room for cleanliness but i first checked for bugs but could not find one anywhere. believe me i know what a bed bug infected looks like.I than stayed in room 107 and it was a clean and nice renovated room.

Room 119, Sat 24 July. Howard Johnson in Liberty NY. Setting aside other complaints of rude staff, untidy lobby and neighbors who partied until 3:30, and sticking to the point of this site: the room was infested with bedbugs.

I noticed rough patches on my upper arms while showering that morning; by Sunday evening they were itching, burning welts. Monday my dermatologist confirmed my self-diagnosis which I made by looking at bedbug bite pictures on the internet.

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of bedbugs in this motel on the 'net. I have never seen a bedbug in my life but they've been in the news lately so I did the "quick turn on the light" trick and there they were. I just hope I didn't bring any of them home with me.

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