Super 8 Kingston Ny
487 Washington Ave
Kingston, NY

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Checked into the Super 8 on 9/18/09. Planned to spend a couple of days a week in Kingston for the month of October. The first week I stayed in a room that smelled terrible, musty and damp. I got an allergic reaction to what I thought was mold and was congested and sneezing the next couple of days. When I came back a couple of days later on 9/22/09 I was put in another room. (I think the rooms were #123 and #128) This one smelled better and was a little cleaner so I thought all was well - WRONG!

The first welts appeared on Saturday after I got home all over my upper shoulders. I thought it was mosquito bites since I'd spent a lot of time outside on Thursday 9/24. On Sunday however I woke up at home to find a bedbug crawling up the wall above my bed and another behind it!! I was horrified!! They had hitched a ride home with me - thankfully I was the only one bitten. My husband, who was sleeping right next to me was not. We stripped our bed, washed everthing in hot water, vacuumed with a HEPA, bought new pillows and a mattress cover and Since then I've since discovered a few more bites. Again, none on my husband. Calling the exterminator today. My rest has been ruined thanks to this not-so-Super 8 experience.

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I checked into the Super8 last night, October 4th. I took a cab there from the emergency room and arrived on crutches with a bone contusion on my foot. Despite the 45% tip, the driver couldn't be bothered to open the door for a woman on crutches. I requested a room on the ground floor since I didn't think I could handle the stairs.

The woman at reception was very helpful. She told me that they had 1 room on the 1st floor, but it hadn't been cleaned. She offered to clean it and suggeste

d that I go to the diner across the street while I was waiting. Turns out across the street was about 1/4 mile away, a distinction easily missed if one is in a vehicle. I like risk taking, but crossing a 4 lane highway on new crutches, in the dark is one death defying act I hope never to repeat.

I got back to the hotel and into bed, elevated my foot with a pillow as per doctors orders and fell asleep with the tv on. I woke up an hour or so later surrounded by bed bugs. I hopped out of bed as fast as I could, ripped off my clothing and jumped into the shower. All I remember is rather large bugs that appeared to be full of blood.

So much for elevating and icing my foot.
As I didn't have a change of clothes, I changed into my motorcycle jacket and leather motorcycle pants. I left my clothes and god knows what else behind. I was offered another room, but at that point I wanted to be out of the hotel. Thanksfully I wasn't charged. At 1:15 AM I left the hotel in the dark on my crutches. I wanted to go to the all night pharmacy "across the street" to fill my prescription and get some sort of remedy for the bed bugs. Turns out "across the street" was really about a mile walk. I couldn't make it on the crutches so called a cab. Afraid to go to another hotel, I went to an all night diner and hung out reading a magazine and eating until the first bus to nyc at 6:30 AM.

I bathed, however, everytime I feel an it, I fear that the bugs are still on my and will be infesting my bed at home.


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