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On the first night Aug 31, 2012 of my 4-night stay, a bed bug was crawling on my head at 3:30am. I turned on the light and one was on the headboard near my sleeping 1yr granddaughter!!Hotel staff came up and observed the bug, and I was tranfered to another room. Before we changed rooms the bug that was crawling on me was on the pillow, I scooped it up and saved it for the morning mgr. On Sunday 9/2, I woke up with 3 bites on my back!!! The GMgr came to my room and inspected the room and I was of

fered another room to move to. I must state the Hotel's staff was VERY accommodating, and apologetic! I received room changes(which were necessary), money to wash clothes, and 2 nights are to be refunded to me. The suspected rooms, were examine by PCO and taken out of service. Its important that people report any suspected incidences of bed bugs, because unfortunatley in NY it has reached epidemic proportions!!! Needless to say I have informed other agencies as well.
So far I have not seen any at my home!!! When I realzed there wwas a problem, I started to keep my things in the BATHROOM!!! Also, this trip I purchased those spacesaver bags!!! I think it will be necessary for any new vacations, as those bags are sealed!!!! Will keep any bugs OUT!!!
Hope this was helpful!!!

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