Fairfield Inn-la Guardia Arprt
2866 College Point Blvd
Flushing, NY 11354-2512

Found 3 reports:

the entire 4th floor of the fairfield inn on 28-66 college point blvd had to be exterminate because of an on going bedbug issue. the general manager, maintenance manager, housekeeping and front desk manager chose not to exterminate the bed bugs correctly. the 3rd floor of the hotel also had bedbug and guest were still check in the rooms. Rooms 410 through 401 had a heavy a presence of bedbugs in the bed frames, mattresses,and carpet.

On 9/8/12, we checked into the Fairfield Inn (room 116). The next morning, my husband's wrist was covered with bug bites. We requested a move to another room which looked fine. However, shortly thereafter we noticed a bug on his shorts which promptly jumped off. We then decided to terminate our stay.

We booked two rooms with double beds at the Fairfield Inn Marriott in Flushing (rooms 410 and 407) because we missed our flight to Miami. My husband saw a bug crawling on the sheet in the morning and picked it up to look at it more closely. We searched online for bedbug pictures and confirmed this was a bedbug. He then found multiple bedbugs in one of the double beds in room 410 (on which my 8 year slept). We didn't see any in the other bed or in the other room. We called the front desk and ga

ve the front desk clerk Reaya a ziplock bag with 3 of the bedbugs. She said the manage would call us.

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