Quality Inn
256 Jericho Tpke
Floral Park, NY 11001-2107

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Use to work at the hotel.. has bed bugs and the nasty people still rent rooms and pretend like they don't. DO NOT STAY AT HOTEL. Infested with bed bugs badly

This place is infested with bed bugs... Was laying in the bed this f..ers start coming up right away, my room frm 4 to 1 floor... Still they was bed bugs... Checked map for other hotels they show up on bedbugs registry too... So, i had no choice but stay here :(... I made one picture... If u guys need i can send it

A friend and I stayed in room C7 on from June 5th to June 7th 2013. We both now have bed bug bites.
I called to report my concern today. They were polite and said they would look into it.

My husband and I had reservations for 3 days we left the second day. I got up to use the shower in the early morning turned the light on and saw a bedbug crawl out from under my husband who was asleep in the bed I yelled he got up he lifted his pillow and 7 or 8 bedbugs crawled out from under his pillow! When we returned home we threw alot of our belongings away. I got the worst of the bites all over my arms and back. Our stay was in mid june 2010. We informed front desk of the incident it took

several weeks to get a refund.

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