Sleep Inn Buffalo Airport
100 Holtz Dr
Cheektowaga, NY

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I stayed in the Sleep Inn Buffalo Airport in August 2014. I inspected my room for bed bugs, found them, reported them to the staff immediately. They were very gracious and moved me to another room. I wrote a Tripadvisor review, basically praising the hotel for their response, but also giving people a heads up that they should keep an eye out for bedbugs. You can find my 4-star review on TripAdvisor under the headline, "Great hotel, although unfortunately I did find bedbugs my room."

I was tak

en aback by the response of the general manager who wrote, "I want you to know that we had many guest staying in this room since you checked out and no one else came to us to bring this issue to our attention , also when I received your feedback immediately I order (Ashland Pest Control Company) to come in to investigate the issue you brought up to our attention. They came in with in next couple hours and reported to me , there was no Bedbugs or any other Bugs at all in the room. I apologize if you saw something else in the room that day but I want you to know that our Hotel protects itself from bed bugs by having special sheet covers on the mattresses. Per Pest Control Company we never had bedbugs issue in the room you were staying at and we are Bedbug Free Hotel."

There isn't a way to edit reviews on TripAdvisor, so I appreciate Bed Bug Registry setting the record straight:

1. No less than five hotel staff -- three staff working the front desk when I checked in; a maintenance man who inspected my room; and the clerk when I checked out the next morning were aware of the bedbugs in my room. But only after my TripAdvisor review runs does the pest control company get called? Yikes!

2. Instead of taking that room out of service after I reported them and the maintenance man confirmed the bed bugs, they "had many guest staying in this room since you checked out." I'm appalled they would subject other guests to this risk. Perhaps that's where the bedbugs they can't find are now-- traveling with those guests. :-(

3. As for my seeing bedbugs in the room, consider this (a) I watched a video, knew what I was looking for, and saw them; (b) I talked to the maintenance man who inspected my room and he confirmed seeing them; and (c) the bugs I found were outside of their special mattress covers-- yes, those covers will protect the mattresses, but that doesn't make the room bedbug immune.

It's disappointing that a hotel that I thought was handling this issue so well was actually handling it so poorly. Beware.

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Nothing!! Stayed here August 18, 2010. No bites no evidence or traces. Thank goodness!!

aug 28th

Found one life one - thought it was just a bug
and didn't really look at it
then found another and we were out of there
caught both and show it to the manager on duty
she said "well they are dead" which i know they were not
she couldn't give us a new room so i made her call around to find us another hotel.

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