Quality Inn Airport
4217 Genesee St
Buffalo, NY 14225

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Stayed here on June 29. Can't remember the room number. It was on the first floor. I found bites in me a couple of days later.

Stayed at Quality Inn on July 30 and was bitten all over by bedbugs! Did not know what they were. Also stayed Aug 1 in a different room and was bitten some more because my flight came in at 2 a.m. Then went on line at the hotel only to find out that there were many complaints about bedbugs. Spoke to hotel manager and he played dumb. Saying they don't have any. Well my bites all over my body prove him wrong!

We are not 100% confident if there was a bed bug. here is our story:

We were in room 308. We noticed some dirt on the sheet and two of the pillows, notified the staff, they came and said it's laundry detergent stain. We accepted and said nothing, but then after one week and moving to another much nicer and cleaner hotel with no bed bug reports online, we saw bites all over our bodies. Our guess is that we have moved the bugs from this hotel, but we may be wrong.

I stayed in The Quality Inn - Buffalo Airport specifically in room 419 and unfortunately it was a pretty bad experience. The next day i left the hotel. I found that i was bitten all over my body by bed bugs. It has been a pretty traumatic experience...not only my body itches constantly but the thought that my house could be infestaded with that terrible pest is a nightmare. I called the hotel and spoke to the floor manager and they said they were gonna get back to me by mail.

I just got back from an overnighter at the Quality Inn at the Buffalo Airport covered in about 30 nasty bites.
While I am not certain that bed-bugs are the culprits (I didn't actually see any), having previously done a dance with the little buggers in Indonesia in 1991, I am pretty confident that's what they are.
Interestingly enough, I too stayed in Room #113. When I asked to speak to the manager, he was very non-chalant about it, saying they would have to have someone come and check it

out. Sadly, he never suggested any sort of offering for appeasement of my (progressively worsening) discomfort.
Probably my last stay.

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Stayed in room 113 recently and can confirm that bed bugs were present. Slept in office chair. Considered sleeping in tub.

Bed bugs all over this hotel! Stay out

Stayed in room 101. 2 double beds, 1 of them had bed bugs. Woke up with bites all over arms and legs.

Stayed in room 113, and was attacked by bedbugs all over the bed frame and floor. 37 bites! Hideous.

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