Holiday Inn Express Brooklyn
625 Union St
Brooklyn, NY 11215-1033
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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Found 3 reports:

I stayed at the hotel in October 2013 on the 3rd Floor and was definitely bit. I've had a few bites before so I'm positive these are bed bug bites.

I stayed during a conference June 5-7, 2013. I returned home with bites. I thought they were bites from doing yard work when I returned home. Soon I found the bites were infected. I had been bit so many times over two weeks I was having an allergic reaction. My doctor said it could be bed bugs so I returned home to inspect my bed and found dried blood and bug remains. This was the only placebo traveled for 6 months, so I had no doubt that I got the bugs from this hotel and had brought them home

with me.

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Stayed for several nights in May and June 2011 on the 6th and 9th floors. No bedbugs.

No nearby bug reports