Howard Johnson
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my boyfriend and went to celebrate our anniversary and woke up to our bed full of bed bugs. front desk said it wasnt possible. i called the 1800 number.
we asked for another room and they gave it to us.
maneger only offered a $68 refund.

Aug 21 2013, Howard Johnson on Boston Road, Room 314. My friend (recovering from surgery) and I, thought it would be a good idea to book a room for a few days to relax in comfort away from home but it wasn't. We checked in and began to relax and enjoy the amenities of this very famous and large hotel chain without an inspection of the furniture. Everything was going well until bedtime. I took a shower and that's when my friend say"I got bit by a mosquito". We wrote it off and proceeded to turn i

n for the night. Once under the covers, every 5 minutes or so, my friend would jump up and say something is biting me up. @ about 4 am we finally got up out of the bed and started pulling the sheets back. We saw different sized bugs crawling on the sheets and pillow. We called the front desk. We were put on hold. Offered a new room and promised that the (bug) room would be tore out and replaced( like we cared). We took the new room because of the time of morning and inspected it upon arrival. We didn't find bugs but we found cigarette butts behind the bed. Other guest receipts dating back 5 days on the side of the bed and the felt bed pads with hair for days on it. This report is one of the first. I will make sure everyone knows that there are bed bugs in the HoJo on Boston Road. Inspections will be my first order of business in a hotel room from now on. And ill never recommend this hotel to anone I know or don't know.

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This was on 8/16/2013. First when we got to the hotel there card machine wasn't working so we had to go find a ATM. The when we got to the room I went to take a shower and the tub was dirty with hair and scum stains. I rinsed it and washed quickly. When I came out I pulled the sheets back to lay down and there were two semen stains. I called the front desk to complain about the sheets and the shower they apologized and said they would send up clean sheets...I did not sit on the bed but while I w

as in the shower my husband was sitting there... after the 3rd call to the front desk about the sheets someone finally brought them to the room, I was upset and just took them to change everything myself and as soon as we pulled the mattress pad back I saw them! Bed bugs two started crawling on the pad and one on the seam of the bed..I was so infuriated and discharged! Once again I called the front desk and asked them if they knew they had bed bugs. I got an apology and put on hold?? We took pictures with the phone for proof. I hung up after being placed on hold and a minute later got a call this time we were packing our stuff back up...I was told this was the only available room..I told them I didn't want another room in that hotel after seeing the bed bugs and wanted my money back. Needless to say I got my money back. On the way out I told them it was there responsibility to inform there guests of the problem so they take precautions in "taking the bugs home" the Clerk just shook his head up and down.. I am so glad I found them before we played down. We still are taking all precautions and searched each others clothes and body's before getting in the car.

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I had reservations to stay here from 10/30/10-11/01/10 and had been reading the site to see information about the whole bed bug epidemic and was hoping that it didn't happen to me...well I was wrong. I stayed at the Howard Johnson Express in the BX on Boston Road. Originally we were giving room 308 and as soon as we got the keys to the room, we started our "inspection". With and LED flash light in hand, I started looking around the cracks/crevices of the light fixtures and electrical outlets, bu

t didn't find anything, so we started searching the bed. The comforter was pulled off of the bed and sheets lifted up, still nothing was found, so we thought we were in the clear. Then we began searching the seams of the mattress and thats when we found the culprit. It was actually just laying dormant, but when we kicked the mattress, it started to move. Immediately we called the maids to look at it, and they saw what the issues were. I took a picture of the bug with my cell phone as proof. They told me go to the front desk and tell the clerk. After explaining the situation and showing pics, he apologized for the incident and said that this is the first time that they had heard of having bed bugs in their hotel and asked if we would like to stay in another room.

He took us to the next room and we told him to stand their while we did our own inspection. We literally tore the room/mattress/boxspring apart, and to no avail, found anything. Although we didn't find anything, we still didn't put our bags anywhere near the floor and had everything zipped up the entire time and had room service come put on fresh sheets while we watched them. I haven't observed or noticed any bite marks on my body, or had the itching start to occur, so I think it's safe to say that we escaped it this time around. But I'm sure that if they are in one room, they will be on the move to other rooms in the same hotel. Hotel management did nothing to try to comp us for the inconvenience besides give us another room and tell us that they didn't know about the problem, and will call the exterminator to fix it. I'm going to write a letter to HoJo's offices and let them know of the incident as well, although I'm sure it won't do anything. Currently I'm washing everything that went on the trip with me, as well as letting my bag and other belongings sit outside on the porch in the 34 degree weather.

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