La Quinta Inn & Suites Armonk
94 Business Park Dr
Armonk, NY 10504

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After being disgusted by the condition of three different rooms, overall condition of the hotel, and poor service, checked the beds, and saw the staff had placed blankets between the mattresses and sheets, lifted the balnkets to find badly, stained mattresses. Now to dispute the 3 nights that they charged my card for. The filthiest hotel that I have ever seen!

Stayed here for about 4 hours. The stay was in march of 2015. After driving 5 hours and being turned away from our original hotel reservation a few towns over because of an over booking due to a wedding. They sent us to this la quinta. After being extremely nervous about the cleanliness of the hotel i decided to do a check for bed bugs in the typical areas. It was an imediate red flag that most of the furniture in the room was pulled about 6" off the walls. Also the hotel was probably abou

t 20% occupied at most. Also i saw in some of the windows from the parking lot that had matresses standing up in a few rooms with no sheets on them. After not finding anything in the bedroom area i went to take a shower. In the bathroom behind the door i found two bed bugs walking down the corner of the wall behind the door. I immediately woke up my wife, got my dog and checked out cancelling the rest of my stay. Needless to say it was an extremly disappointing experince. We will never be returning. Knock down this dump and start over.

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On 04/09/13 we checked in and got into our room. I did my normal bed bug check under the mattress and found nothing. I looked on the bed and noticed black stains and what looked to be bedbug shell casings. I immediately grabbed my things and left. My husband tool a picture to show them and they had said that they did an inspection that day and found nothing and hadn't had them in a year. Now I will do my research. I'm disgusted.

We arrived on Sunday night October 28 2012. The following morning I noticed 3 bites on my right arm and 4 bites on my face.
The next morning I had a bite on my stomach. We left after the storm was over.
I did not report it to management, but they should be made aware of the problem. They are very accommodating and caring.

Stayed in the hotel 11/15 - 11/17. Noticed 2 red bites on my neck on morning of 11/18. The following a.m. (11/19) noticed them throughout my body - checked my home and found no signs of bed bugs. I called the hotel on 11/19 but manager was not in. Upon speaking with the manager on 11/21 I was told they would have the Environmental agent come in and inspect room immediately which I thoguht was a very proactive and appreciative approach. Received call on 11/23 that inspection did indeed find

bed bugs in my room. Manager offered to cover medical bills and any other items needing reimbursement. Fortunately, all clothes had been washed and dryed and after numerous inspections in my home, the bed bugs did not travel with me. Again, very appreciative of the proactive approach the manager took with my case. I feel most hotels would blow me off.

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