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I stayed at the Hotel from Dec 2 to Dec 6. I noticed some minor bug bites while I was there, but didn't think anything of it. I've been home now for over a week, and I'm getting new bites every night. We've never had any issue with bed bugs ever, and now I'm worried that I brought them home and they are in my house!

I was recently in Las Vegas, for a work conference. The conference was held at The Venetian.

A work conference ("The Gartner Data Center Conference") I need to attend was held in Las Vegas at The Venetian. I booked my stay at The Venetian Hotel.

I was given a room in the "Venetian Tower", floor 10, Room 338. I checked in on Sunday - Dec 2, 2012.

The room is set up with 2 large beds and a living area, with a desk and a couch.

On Tuesday, Dec 4 around 11pm PST, while doing emai

ls on my laptop in the living area. I had on the hotel bathrobe, which had been laying on my bed prior to me wearing this. While typing, out of the corner of my eye, something was crawling on my bathrobe. A tiny insect, which I initially thought was a ladybug. Upon closer inspection is was definitely NOT a ladybug. It was a bug I had never seen before and I immediately suspected a bed bug, given I have heard about the hotel epidemic.

I laid the bathrobe on the desk, near where I was typing, and grabbed one those empty glasses on the nearby bar area with the white coaster. I managed to slide the bug off the robe and trap it under the glass, using the coaster. I immediately google imaged "bed bug". To my horror, the bug under my glass looked EXACTLY like that bug on google images.

I then proceeded to call the Front Desk. They put me thru to the night manager. He refused to come up himself. He instead sent 3 sets of people to the room : (i) someone who took an official statement from me and photographed the bug (ii) housekeeping who came to collect my belongings for a bio-treatment (iii) pest control (iv) someone to transport my remaining belonging to a new room.

Pest control confirmed that it was indeed a bed bug.

The Venetian assigned me a new room. And says they bio-treated my clothes and luggage.

I was also unhappy to see that The Venetian clearly had a "response process" - indicating to me that this was not the first time they dealt with a bed bug complaint.

While The Venetian did give me a new room assignment (The Venetian Tower - Floor 18 - Room 233), I was so skeeved out by the bed bug - and flipping out with worry that I would bring them home - I barely slept. I think I maybe slept @1-2 hours before my alarm went off.

Today - Weds, Dec 5 - I had many discussion, with the day front desk manager. They initially offered to reimburse me up to $500 for any new clothing. And I would have to sign a waiver form. They also wanted me to surrender my belongings.

I argued against of of this heatedly. We finally settled on a cash payout of $1,500. Without the need to sign a waiver fee. And I could keep my belongings. I did however sign a "receipt" that I received a $1,500 cash payout for a "hotel challenge". There were not terms & conditions with this receipt.

I then proceeded to checkout 1 day early, effectively leaving the conference earlier than planned. Again I was so skeeved out.

I am now currently beside myself with worry about having possibly brought these horrid inspects into my home. And will never be going back to The Venetian.

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Stayed at the Venetian 2 nights October 2012 I had bites all over. I had an idea they might be bed bugs as I had several bites in a row over numerous area of the body. Went to the doctor and had it confirmed bed bugs! I luckily threw all of my stuff out because I figured it was. Contacted the Venetian hoping they help in some way considering I lost hundreds of dollars in clothing and luggage not to mention hotel cost with unexpected guests! I'm not sure how they inspect but I read on here som

eone's inspection came up negative. I am 100% certain the bedbugs were from here we will see how they handle this and I will repost to let everyone know. I'm sick over this whole situation. I really hope they handle it appropriately as in this is wrong to do to people. I just feel bad for those that don't know they have them from here and take them in the house!!!

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Stayed on the 4th floor from 8/19-8/21/12. Not one sign of a bed bug or any other bug. This is my favorite hotel, and I hop I don't encounter any problems. I'll still check the rooms thoroughly to make sure there are no critters anywhere.

Have just returned to England from a week's stay in The Venetian (21 to 28 August)

My wife and I stayed on floor 14 and either there were no bugs in our suite, or else they don't like English blood. In any event, we had no problems at all but feel for the people on here, who have had a different experience.....

stayed at the venetian around late july-early august last year in 2011. the room and bathroom were impressive. had no problems with bedbugs...

Stayed in room 11-327 for 4 nights. Unfortunately I have some bed bug experience, but I thought it might be something else after getting some bites the first couple days. By day 3, I had the telltale bites on the under side of my arms. I would have been nice and not reported it here, but after I reported it, they said the test came back negative. BS.

My husband and I stayed at the venetian from november 24th to november 28th. The first night was fine on the second night my husband complained about a large bite on his arm that was really itchy. I later felt the same itchy feeling. I guess we were a little nieve but because we were staying at a 5 star hotel it wasnt the first thing that crossed our minds. By the end of our stay we both couldnt stop itching and had bites on our arms and legs. Went to doctor today who diagnosed me with bed bug

s. Ive already brought both the luggage and clothing into our home. Not sure where to go from here. This was not the birthday celebration I wanted for my husband. I will be contacting the venetian to see what they have to say about this situation.

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My husband and I stayed at the venetian from november 24th to november 28th. The first night was fine on the second night my husband complained about a large bite on his arm that was really itchy. I later felt the same itchy feeling. I guess we were a little nieve but because we were staying at a 5 star hotel it wasnt the first thing that crossed our minds. By the end of our stay we both couldnt stop itching and had bites on our arms and legs. Went to doctor today who diagnosed me with bed bug

s. Ive already brought both the luggage and clothing into our home. Not sure where to go from here. This was not the birthday celebration I wanted for my husband. I will be contacting the venetian to see what they have to say about this situation.

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I just returned from 4 nights at the Venetian and brought home bedbugs. I am very disappointed, after reading all the accounts I thought I would be safe. But, sadly to say the stories are true. What a shame. I am not even going to bother contacting the hotel since they apparently will deny it. Do not stay here try the Wynn they have a bedbug team.

Stayed at the Venetian in the Towers from 4/10/2011 to 4/14. Paid for the upgrade, etc. Was part of a very large convention that goes every year. Not my first time ( or second ) at the Venetian and I also stay in hotels between 50 -100 nights per year. I have never, ever had any experience with bed bugs and had no idea they had spread so far from NYC. Called the hotel immediately on discovering the problem when I came home. They ran me through risk mgt and security like I was a criminal trying

to rip them off. All I was asking was to cover the cost of my suitcase since I do not believe I can confidently get it clean and it is an expensive bag. Nope...they had the room checked 36 hrs after I checked out and no sign of any bed bugs. Totally bogus as far as I am concerned.
So, perhaps the Venetian will be less inclined to play innocent when they have a list of people with the same problem on the same dates.
Very low-class for a "world-wide destination resort"

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My God!!!! Look at the list!!! Every Hotel has reports!!! I see people saying after a few days they started to get bit!!! REALLY? Apparently they brought them!!! When traveling to a heavily travelled destination it will happen. I travel several times a year all over and never had a problem in 3 stars, 4 stars, 5 stars!!!! People get a bite and say BED BUGS!!!! There are other bugs out there that bite. Also thinking about it makes you feel the symptoms. I'm itching just reading the reports I MUST


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We stayed at the Venetian Palazzo 3/26/11 thru the 28th. We were on the 24th floor in a very nice suite. The first thing I did was take the bed apart and inspect with a flash light and a magnifying glass! Felt a little like the Pink Panther meets Colombo but after doing the same with the rest of the upholstery, decided it was safe to stay. When we checked in I asked the clerk to be sure to give us the bedbug free room. He responded that they didn't have them there! and that when they do find the

m they burn all mattresses 6 rooms in every direction! Please! Geesh. How stupid does he think the public really is?? Anyway, had a very nice stay other than having to hike a mile (it seemed) from the Palazzo to the valet on the Venetian side to get to our car. Nothing is perfect. And of course in spite of all my vigilance they could have jumped on board any place we stood still long enough since they are an equal opportunity blood sucker so plan for the worst and hope for the best and have a nice visit in a wild and crazy town!

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I and my wife stayed there in Oct 2010. No problems. Beautiful suite. Now, I will say this...get a grip people! Bed bugs are nasty little varmints that are carried in and out of hotels/motels throughout the world! There is no way any hotel can guarantee their complete eradication! If you don't want to get bit...stay home!! Blame goes all around...people are unwitting transportation for these horrible bugs. You can no more get rid of them than you can many other disgusting insects. So, get real a

nd just do what you can to keep your own house clean and infestation free.

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Back in January 2011 I visited Las Vegas for the first time. My fiancee was working in Vegas so i flew down for a few days. Although we didn't stay at the Venetian, my fiancee was working there. Down in the loading docks he seen about 3 mattresses on a conveyance that were cut up and had a sign on them that read "bed bug positive" and listed room numbers. CHECK YOUR MATTRESS EVERY TIME YOU STAY AT A HOTEL!!

We were bitten also on all parts of body.
Sought MD who confirmed bed bug bites.
Bad experience but not my worst bed bug episode.

I think the bigger hotels should have one dog to sniff incoming luggage to prevent bugs coming in and a dog to sniff rooms when vacated.

This would be a big relief for guests and the property also.

Finally another team member staying on a different floor, had the same experience on day 4. This person stated they had several red bites on both of their thighs. They did not mention this until I came into the meeting room on day 5, after I stated I was bitten by bed bugs. This individual then reported the event to the Venetian Hotel. The hotel took a legal defensive stand. The hotel management said they never had a finding of bed bugs in their hotel. Interesting, after reviewing this site

and other sites, other travelers to the Venetian, have reported the same serious event. I find the hotel's response unacceptable, especially personally having visual bite marks, the same report of bites lodged by other meeting personnel and the very same complaint lodged by a team member who also had visible bites on both of their thighs. The next day after I returned home I had a follow up call from the Venetian. The manager informed me the hotel did not find any evidence of bedbugs in my room and or in my business counterpart’s room. The day after my return, I searched a health site, Web-MD. I looked at the photos of bed bug bites. The bites I experienced matched the photos on Web-MD. I took preventative action the night I arrived home. I left my luggage in the garage, stripped my clothes before entering my house and I took a shower. I did not bring anything inside my house; brief case included. All of the clothing remained in my suit case. I now have the task of washing everything in the washing machine, in hot water and dry the clothes on high heat. Delicates are suggested to be soaked over one hour in warm water. Coats and wool sweaters will have to be dried cleaned. I will throw away my suit case. I was very unhappy with the manner the hotel handled this incident, thus my open review. In my opinion the hotel would have made a happier customer by stating they did not find anything in their search, however, out of good will, because their customer did experience an adverse event (visible insect bites) they would be happy to pay for any cleaning of clothing and replace any luggage in question. The end result is unless you capture first hand the bugs and or have evidence of blood droppings on your sheets, all will be denied by the hotel. This then shifts the burden of proof to the traveler. You depart the hotel, only to take care of this dirty little secret yourself and hope the uninvited bugs do not travel back with you. If I had any saving grace from my stay in the hotel room, I left my bag on the marble floor in the bathroom. I never rolled my bag into the sleeping area or carpeted areas of the hotel room. All my clothes remained in the bathroom area, in my suitcase. If I had any clothing out of my bag, they were placed on the bathroom counters, resting on clean towels. The only clothing item in the bedroom was my winter leather coat placed in the closet on a hanger. I intend to have the coat dry cleaned and throw away my suit case. Bottom line, follow bed bug prevention tips when traveling to prevent infestation of your luggage, clothing, purse or brief case. Keep everything off the floor, never place anything on couches, dressers, chairs and keep everything in the bathroom. Also refrain from sitting on couches and chairs. I also read bed bugs do not cling to your hair such as lice. Regardless, wash all your clothing immediately upon entering your home and take a shower. I guess the next time I travel, I will sleep in the bathtub!

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No hotel, in Vegas, NY, or small town Iowa is safe. For those that say they'll never go to Vegas again, that's just absurd.

Hotels spend significant amounts of time and money, tens of thousands of dollars per year for some of the big hotels. I'm not sure the Venetian/Palazzo will disclose how much they spend but I bet it's significant.

This is not a simple problem and for those people who want thousands of dollars in compensation from the hotel it's time to wise up. How does the hotel

know that you didn't bring them in yourself? A hotel can spend $10,000 to hire an exterminator company and do a clean sweep with a couple bed bug canines as a prevention even if they find nothing, and then two days later one single person brings in a suitcase full of them. Any hotel could close the entire place down, bag it, balm it, and heat it to 120 degrees and eradicate the bugs to have them completely return the next day.

So what's the option? Have every room disassembled and swept with a bug-dog after every sing guest? Now your $200/night Ventian room just became $400/night. People need to realize that yeah, it sucks, and besides the itchiness bedbugs THANKFULLY are completely harmless, they don't transmit diseases or blood-borne pathogens. Mosquitoes kill millions of people around the world every year because of the diseases they spread like malaria. Would you be mad and asking these hotels for $5,000 if you were bit by a mosquito? No, of course not!

Obviously the hotel should have you switch rooms, there's no way they should make you stay in a room known to have bed bugs. But asking the hotel for free rooms, comps, and hundreds or thousands of dollars in compensation is absolutely absurd.

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Donna so nice of you to go onto this site and act as if you care you have never called me once and I got bit by bed bugs in November of 2010....Still waiting for your call.

Sheri R

I stayed at the Venetian with my company, we had 5000 rooms between the Venetian & the Palazzo Hotels from Jan 24 thry Jan 28 & heard of no complaints of bed bugs. I stayed in the Venetian - 7th floor - and looked for bed bugs under mattress, sheets, pictures, night tables, couches, etc & saw nothing! I would have no problem staying at this hotel again.

The Venetian Hotel and Resort Complex prides itself on offering the best Hotel experience possible.

Knowing an occasional problem with accomadations can exist we encourage you to contact us for consideration and settling of your complaint.

December 3-5, 32nd floor, room 101. My friend Jason borman was bit 6 times and just told us as we are about to stay there this weekend (Dec 10-12). We are thinking of canceling our trip!

I stayed at the Venetian from 11/29/10 to 12/2/10. On the first night, I woke up at 4:00AM due to jet lag and found a bed bug crawling on the sheets. I then found 10 or so more under the pillow next to me. I was in the Venetzia tower room 11-5XX. After reporting the bugs to the front desk, Tony from security (nice guy) came up, had me fill out a statement, took some pictures, and promptly escorted me out of the room (no time to take pictures of my own or collect evidence...also no copy of stat


I was relocated into the Palazzo with a very nice (clean and bug free)suite. Although the staff was accomodating, I did not receive a call from management for at least 9 hours. Apparently, a professional service was brought in to "verify" bed bug activity. It was verified, at which time management offered laundry services for my clothing and suitcase. I gladly handed over my stuff when the guys with bio-hazard bags showed up.

At the end of my stay, the hotel ended up covering the cost of the laundry service (approx $350) and provided a $50 in-room credit. Also, in return for a Liability Waiver, I was compt 2 nights of the 3-day stay ($210 value). Considering the loss of sleep, missed opportunities at the trade show I was suppossed to be attending, and risk of bringing the critters home (approximate cost to erradicate a home is $5k), I was not completely satisfied with the compensation. I communicated this to management and they basically said "take it or leave it". I reluctantly signed the waiver and left.

Although I am understanding of the Hotel's position on this (many travelers, bed bug epidemic...etc) , I do not believe they are taking enough action to solve the issue. Bed Bugs in the Venetzia Tower on floors 11, 12, and 15 are a recurring problem (see previous posts). In my non-professional opinion, the hotel should quarantine those floors and fix this problem.

I am posting this story so that others may be better prepared if they encounter this same problem. I would also like to see the Hotel do more to fix the problem and take better care of their quests who are negatively impacted by it.

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Absolutely crying from a ruined vacation.
How could the Venetian not take steps to ensure a pleasant no Bed Bug accomodation.
We just got back to Ohio and plan to never visit Las Vegas again. Stayed on fifteenth floor.
Bitten all over our exposed skin,

Venetian has Bed Bugs. They denied it.
I called an exterminator on my own during my stay from 11-23 to 11-27.
I woke up all bitten and called the exterminator myself. I know what bed bug bites are because I travel frequently.
I had to pay the exterminator more because he was afraid of the Hotel coming after him. I have a positive written work order and bed bugs in a jar that came from my room plus documentation from the pest control company.The Venetian is now wanting to not charge me but the

y are getting sued for not keeping me safe. I live nearby Las Vegas and the bugs are rampant!

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I too was a victim of Bed Bug Bites last week at the Venetian in the Venetzia portion.
The bugs were behind the head board and curtains that drape the head board.

Pest control came and I left.

Also called the woman at the hotel from another post and received a response.

Will post my result if anything is done about my complaints to the hotel.

We stayed at the Venetian from Tues. to Fri. We lifted the sheets and bed skirts and looked very closely with a flashlight. The mattresses and sheets were immaculate. Not a stain of any kind was to be found.

We checked the sofa and only found an extra remote control. The suite was very clean and no bugs were to be found in our suite on the 27th floor. We had no bites of any kind.

I would highly recommend this resort/casino.

Someone mentioned that the carpet was not clean in the

hallways. I don't think they were dirty, they just have very subdued lighting.

I enjoyed my stay there very much!

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My best friend and I stayed at the Venetzia portion of the Venetion on the 12th floor from Nov 14th to Nov 16th and I ended up with bites (lots of them) started out looking like ringworm, didnt know what they were at first, so I googled bed bug bites thinking no way could an upscale hotel have this problem. Sure enough my sores looked just like all the pictures I found. I had them all over my legs near my ankles and shins. Wish I could say everything is better now but they are still itching and

very uncomfortable. so much for going away to relax. I will never stay there again and will not recommend anyone else to stay there either. Maybe they should spend more time cleaning and rennovating the mattresses instead of cleaning the entry to the lobby floor every single night. The carpets in the hallway from the Venetian to the towers are absolutley disgusting - the hotel seriously needs to take a look at the cleanliness. It is like everything looks pretty at first glance but when you really look - it is not the case. I am not aone to go on line and complain but I am telling everyone about this so they don't experience what I did. Oh I have pictures too and have them on my head as well. IT IS GROSS! and I called Dana twice - guess what she has NOT returned any calls - so much for customer service. I am thinking about doing a YOUTUBE video - maybe that will get their attention....Don't stay at this hotel until they resolve the BED BUG INFESTATION OROBLEM!!!!!

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We are so sorry for any inconvenience you incurred as a result of bed bugs. The Venetian Hotel and Resort wish to hear from you and have you file a report.
Kindly contact Dana Degman at the Venetian Hotel and Resort. 702-414 5885 direct.

Stayed at the venetian in november 15th week in suite 1534 for business meeting and was covered by bed bug bites which came from the night table drawer. Did not see any other location but did not search either. The hotel denied any bug problems. Should have stayed at the wynn hotel as they have in house canine and bed bug abatement program I just learned about.

My wife and I stayed at the Venetzia portion of the Venetian in room 1533 for 6 nights ending october 30th 2010.
We were both bitten by bed bugs in that room. It started the second night. I needed medical attention the 4th day at the hotel and again at home. The bugs were ultimately discovered in the head board and box spring rail. we saw 6 of them before we left.
Now some 2 plus weeks later we are still covered with the remnants of the bites and we spent a lot for medical treatment and drugs

to treat the problem.
We are going to sue the Venezia hotel and the Las Vegas Doctor who wrongly diagnosed bed bugs as a simple rash. WE lost work and suffered 2 1/2 weeks for the combined negligence of the Doctor and hotel. WE are also disputing the bill for being subjected to bed bugs because the hotel did not do enough to prevent infestation. The Doctor who said it was a simple rash is Dr. Logan at Hotel Docs. in Vegas.

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My husband and I stayed at The Venetian 7/19 thru 7/23/2010. We has a very pleasant stay. Fortunately we didn't experience any bites from bedbugs. I've spoken to other friends who also stayed the same week we did and they didn't have any bedbug bites either.

Just came back from a stay at the Venetian in a luxury suite from Oct 24th thru the 30th. My husband was bit on the crown of his head and multiple bites on his chest and upper and lower arms. We called the desk and they gave us the number of Hospital Docs. He came to our room to see my husband.I asked him he he thought they were bed bug bites. He said no that he rashes, thats what he called them at least 10 to 12 times a week. Gave RX for steroids. We came home and went to our doctor. He confirm

ed what we thought were bed bugs/ I also broke out on my face, arms, chest and neck area a few days after my husband.
Horrible horrible experience.

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JUst STayed at the Venetian 9/25-26 and came home with a nasty rash on my back and chest. noting confirmed yet but feeling very unasy.


My family and I stayed here when the hotel first opened back in 1999. It was a fantastic for a few days. Then on our 3rd to last day my family was attacked by bed bugs. Luckily for one of my sisters and I we slept on fold out bed. My father called the front and they sent 2 people up. One of them being a nurse. They were very professional about it and gave my parents and my other sister injections. Injections of I don't know what by the way. They gave us a new room

that was bug-free. I don't know if this was just a racist joke, or if they grew overnight. I just know that just because a hotel is new doesn't mean it is clean.

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I was staying in a luxury suit at the venetian and my friend and I got eaten alive. I mean I have at least 50 bites on each shoulder, all down my arms, my hands are very bad. And I am completely grossed out. Too bad you pay the big bucks for a nice hotel room and you get eaten alive by bed bugs. I am just hoping I didnt bring any home with me. Havent seen any yet.

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