Vdara Hotel & Spa
2600 E Harmon Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89121

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Came home with 14 itchy bites. Was there for work and I am the only one in my family with any bites so pretty sure it happened here.

Stayed there Jan 12 to 19, 2016. No bedbugs. Wonderful stay.

Stayed October18-20 rooms 56019 && 42.015
Body and face completely full of random bites ; dermatologist confirmed them to be bed bug bites, contacted hotel, today received a call back saying that rooms were clean and there's no bed bug bites . Bottom line DO NOT STAY THERE. Paid over $1000 to get bitten and be placed in a room that wasn't fully cleaned out .

Stayed one night at Vdara on July 3rd 2014. Both my kids had bed bug bites sleeping on the pull out sofa in Room 37-041 confirmed by the doctor after we reached home.

Stayed there for 3 nights. When I got back home, I had rashes on my legs, stomach, back, and arms. Thing is, the rashes showed up after I left Las Vegas so I was not able to talk to anyone there about this.

I stay at hotels quite frequently as part of my job. The categories vary from really posh, to really small b & b s. I was very surprised that after all the different hotels I stayed in, I get bitten by bedbugs at one of the newer and swankier hotels.

WTF...I plan to stay at he Vdara later this month. This sucks...[no pun intended].
And what's printed here is what we "know about"??
Imagine what we don't know???

Stayed here 8/16-8/18 for my 21st birthday.

First night at the Vdara, woke up with 10 BED BUGS ALL UP AND DOWN MY LEG! 2nd night, same thing just on the opposite leg. Didnt even wanted to go out because my legs looked horrible. And what killed me is that i requested new linen when i checked in so how it was possible i still get bed bugs is beyond me. NEVER will i stay here or anyone recommend to stay here.

Stayed at the hotel the weekend of 10/13-10/16. Woke up with maybe 10-13 bites on my stomach (I typically sleep on my stomach). I confirmed with a doctor the following day that they are indeed bed bugs. I called the hotel to inform them and they basically ignored my report. I even told them I really didn't want anything from them just for them to ensure that the beds are clean so that others don't run into the situation. The guy I spoke with said that the beds are clean and that they were cleane

d after I checked out... Don't ever stay here especially reading these other reports.

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We stayed at vdara in room 49.003 on 09/05/12, the first night of our honey moon. Woke up to 16 red welt on my side. Sent pictures to my doctor and he says they are bedbug bites. Waiting for hotel to have pest control look at the room. Been waiting 7 hours, so my guess is they will not contact us. Security told us they have had no reports of bedbugs. My guess from these reports is that this place is infested. Staying at the Wynn next trip for sure!

Stayed here twice, once in the spring of 2010 and once in the spring of 2011. No sightings, bites, or anything at all to report! Fantastic stay every time!

Checked in on 8/15 noticed bits on morning of 8/16. Wanted to give me a new room. Suggested they fix mine. Three hours later waiting for an outside company to look at the issue. Do not think that I can recommend this facility.

I stayed at this hotel from 8/2 to 8/5. On the last night I woke up around 5 am to go to the bathroom and found a bug on my pillow when I came back to bed!!! I spazzed out and slept on the couch. 4 days now after coming home, I now have welts on my neck and two on my face that itch like crazy!! The bug looked exactly like the pictures of bedbugs online!!!! I am so scared I brought them home with me!? What the heck Vdara. The manager was supposed to call me back yesterday and I doubt he will. Nev

er again. I will sleep in my car thanks

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My husband and I stayed in room 11.005 on July 27 2012. We enjoyed the hotel very much, except for the bedbug attack experienced. I counted 16 bites on my arms and legs...these surfaced 4 days after our stay. I read that it can sometimes take up to 2 weeks for bedbug bites to surface. I never get bug bites normally (being a longtime resident of las Vegas) so I am POSITIVE these came from our stay at Vdara. I contacted the assistant manager who said he would put the room out of service and thorou

ghly inspect.

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Me and my Mom went to vegas . When we cheaked in we dint see any bed bugs . 3 days later we saw a bed buy crawling on the bed .
we then left an note for housekeeping with an photo .

We stayed here july 10to12 we had none

The morning of my departure from the Vdara Hotel, I noticed a bug crawling on the comforter. I captured it in a glass (covered by another glass) and left it on the night stand with a note saying that I found the bug on the bed. This was the morning of Friday March 23, 2012. The same day I noticed bug bites on one of my feet, between my toes and on my ankle.

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