The Platinum Hotel
211 E Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89169-4708

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I arrived at the Platinum on Friday, April 20, 2012. I slept in the bed next to the bathroom in Room 407 for one night. We checked out of the hotel on Saturday and I got home late Saturday night. On Monday morning, April 23, the bites started showing up. By Wednesday morning, April 25, I counted 38 bites. I have alerted the hotel.

10/6/2011-10/7/2011, room 1117

We were in town for a wedding at the Platinum, roughly 60 guests. I arrived on 10/6/11, and after checking in, placed my luggage in the room, watched an online video lecture for school at the hotel room desk, and then spent the remainder of the evening in my parents' room a few floors down, working on homework and last minute wedding preparations. I went back to my room around 1am and went straight to sleep. My husband was driving into town the following day.

The next morning, I awoke on my side and immediately focused on a piece of red 'fuzz' on the white sheets. Sure enough, it was fuzz. But after rolling on my back, the sheets close to my chin, another piece of red 'fuzz' appeared close to my face on the sheets, and began to move! I jumped out of bed and threw back the covers, finding a dozen red bed bugs crawling at various places on the sheets. I had slept with them the entire night!! I called my parents, and security arrived shortly after to 'quarantine' the room, taking all of my clothes, luggage, etc. The hotel did compensate by upgrading our room to a suite(after some convincing), buying new luggage, and providing dry cleaning services and shopping money since I had nothing to wear other than a few of my parents' items. I did not experience symptoms until a week later back at home, when 75+ bites appeared on my arms, back, stomach, chest, face, neck, ears... If I had not physically seen the bed bugs, I would have been unaware and my husband and I would have continued to sleep in the room for the rest of weekend. But, the fact that they were physically visible meant that the infestation must have already been bad, and I wonder how many were actually present in the bed at that time. The hotel manager had asked how/when I traveled to Vegas, speculating that I had brought the bed bugs in with me, but with the amount of the bugs present, and the fact I had only spent a few hours in the room, it was highly unlikely. Also, the room had been empty for a few they sheets had not been washed nor the room inspected. The Platinum is a nice hotel and the wedding was wonderful!, but I will never enter a hotel room again without first checking the bed for bugs!

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