The Mirage Hotel & Casino
3400 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV

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Tried another stay (12-11-13) thinking my first time was a freak accident...nope. More bed bugs and another attempt to contact someone in management for an answer. Nothing. Seems they know about this creepy problem and cannot control it. I left a message for the director of housekeeping and never heard back while I was there. I guess they are too busy trying to make business plan and union BS. I also left a message for the directors manager "Chris" and no follow up. Not going back sorry Mir

age your building is tired and old with no fix in place. Wish things were different but it is what it is.

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Last weekend (july 22-24, 2011) I stayed at the Mirage in Las Vegas. On sunday I started to notice a few bites but chalked them up to mosquitos having been outside in heat in the desert. I returned home on Monday and hundreds of bites started to emerge mainly on my arms and legs (I wore shorts and a tank top to bed each night) a few here and there elsewhere on my body. Hundreds of bites! I searched the internet in hopes that some bug in Vegas caused this while I was at the pool. Anything but bed

bugs, please!!. But a search on bed bugs told me that they tend to bite in a pattern that looks like a straight line of three. Yep that's everywhere on my body. I hope I'm wrong but the number of bites I have I feel like I must have laid down among hundreds of them. I am miserable and disgusted. I have two 14 month old sons and I am terrified that I could have brought any of the bugs home with me. Seeing that this is THE most disgusting thing I have ever experienced I just dont want anyone else to go through this. So here I am. I am seeing a doctor on Monday. I expect he will confirm it. But I am mainly seeing him to get what I hope will be a super strength itch cream. I am itching I look horrible. I am embarrassed to go outside!

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