Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino
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Las Vegas, NV 89103

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I booked 2 rooms,1 for my employee and his wife and 1 for me and my wife I booked an updated room but received a room I did not pay for,i was told I would have to wait and see what became available or take a room with 2 queen beds thats not what I booked. I booked a room with a view of the strip non smoking king bed,they said I could upgrade to a 1050 sq ft suite, I paid an extra $100 a night for 7 nights, when we walk into the suite it smells like a wet ashtray,we aired it out the best we coul

d. I called the front desk to complain, they said that all there suites are smoking optional. I was not told this when I was upgraded, they new I requested a non smoking room.then after 7:30 every night the zip line started running which happened to be directly above our room,it ran tell around 12 am ,very noisy , then around 11 pm tell whenever the voo doo club started up with very loud music,all you could hear all night was the boom boom of the bass I called the front desk, that did help. the next morning I demanded a non smoking room,we had to move for the third time to a much better suite.we received no compensation of any kind or an appolagey we never did see any bed bugs but just needed to vent about our experience , I do not recommend the rio to anyone

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We checked in on 11/09/14 at Rio to watch a WSOP Final Table in room 12004. First of all, we noticed the smell of odor from the carpet in the hallway but we ignored it. Our neighbor next door did complain & they didn't do anything about it. We came back to the room around 2:30 am & got woken up by the itch sensation & that's when we saw some crawling bugs on the beds that we slept in. I freaked out crying because It was all over my body (my leg & arms). I called the front desk & they sent the se

curity up to our room. He provided us with bio hazard bags to put our clothes in. We left all of our belongings & got out of there, only to wait for hours. The managers at the front desk didn't seem that surprised when we told her, offered another room & to refund all of our expenses. But we didn't want to stay there....not EVER again. We lost everything we brought, only the clothes we wear...& bumps all over my body. They also offered $50 to get a couple clothes to wear in the gift shop where average clothes are around $40-$100!!!!!!!! Las Vegas for I have come here so many many times! It really bothers me that they think this is a normal thing & even mentioned "Even WYNN Hotel has them!" WOW!!!!!

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09-22-2014 Room 11009 - checked in at 9:00 pm, went to bed after midnight and thankfully woke up at 2:00 am. Turned on light to get something and found a bug near my pillow. Checked my luggage for bugs, packed and checked out. Of course i killed the uninvited guest first and delivered him to security. Filed out a report; they were quite apologetic, but did not seem very surprised at my report. They called in the manager who refunded all charges.

I was there for my Birthday Aug 22nd Weekend. I came back with a nice little gift from the Rio. Bed Bugs! I found them in my luggage which I put by my bed. Now I brought it home and the biting continued. I am so upset. Wont report - nothing will be done just hope I can work deal with this because I just killed an adult bug. God I am pissed!!!

Stayed at the Rio on 7/2/14 -7/4/14
have little bites all over my body and hopeing they are not bed bugs that I could have brought home.. what do you do to ensure they don't infest my home??

Stayed at the Rio 4/14/2014 - 4/16/2014. The room we stayed in on the 12th floor was muggy even with the air on. We woke up with small bites but weren't sure if it was from walking around at night. Woke up again with more bites that were itchy and scabby. Called hotel to file a report and they didn't care. I was transferred around and never got a follow up.

I just stayed at the Rio this past Sunday 12/15/13 for one night and this morning my arm was very itchy and it was burning. I went to take a look when I see about 15 bites on me! I bagged everything and now I'm super paranoid? What if I brought them home????!

The hotel is filthy and moldy. Bed bugs thrive in this climate. They started letting dogs stay in the rooms now so you can expect flees as well. The front desk doesn't care and threatens to remove you from the property if you start to raise your voice if you want another room.
This happened in July during a poker tournament.
I can imagine the kitchens in the hotel would be like as well.

I was in Las Vegas for a class reunion from July 12-14, 2013. I came home and had more than 50 bedbugs cluster bites. I had to go to my dermatologist who prescribed a hydrocortisone cream and an antibiotic cream since some of the bites got infected from too much scratching on my part. I stayed in room 343.

I called the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino customer service to report the issue that room 343 was infested with bed bugs. I spoke to an Officer Bramlit who then transferred me to another

person named Officer Christina Smart. Ms Smart took down my info and report and informed me that she will file the report. I asked her what happens next and she said she'll make sure they check the room and I wanted to know how to follow up to make sure that the room was indeed checked and treated so that the next guest doesn't suffer like me. She gave me a phone # to call 702-777-2350 and that was it.

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I stayed for a conference February 26-28. The hotel looks fine from the outside, but they don't take care of it and it shows in the rooms. Mold in the bathroom, grey sheets that should be white and general dirtiness. I didn't see a bedbug in my room, but all the signs are there. Blood on a pillow case and low on the walls.

They have a problem.

When I told the desk, they were totally uninterested.

I stayed at the Rio Nov 17th till Nov 22nd 2012 in the Masquerade tower and found a bug in my bed. I didn't know it was a bed bug till I got home and looked up what they look like . I saved the bug to show to staff and they took the bloody pillow. I killed the bug . They didn't even let me know that it was a bed bug and that they had an infestation in there hotel . The Rio should be held accountable for putting people at risk . I have bites on my back and arms and have suffered with the itchines

s and discomfort still think about this every day its been over 2 weeks I can still see the marks on my body where I was bitten . I've had bad dreams of bugs and keep checking my bed when I feel a hair on my body move I'm so paranoid now and totally bugged out. I'm seeking compensation for this .The Rio knew of there infestation problem and has failed to keep there guests safe .

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Stayed in masquerade tower sept 2012, over 30 bites near feet and ankles, suspect room infested with fleas or bed bugs

Stayed at the Rio in room 1177 in the Ipanema Tower Feb 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th. Woke up with bits on my arms and legs.

Stayed at the Rio room 330 June 5-8 Got bitten. they switched my room and then no more bites. Filed a report with security and their insurance co contacted me. I emailed them pictures

stayed in room 4008 on sunday may 30 2011. came home with bites. called hotel got thrown around to different people. made a claim. didnt seem to care at all. sooooo pissed.

Brought home a nice infestation of bed bugs. If the room wasn't so fundamentally dirty - there is more to cleaning a room than vacuuming - the bolsters, bedspread and couch were filthy. I wish I had stayed away from the couch and kept my luggage off the floor.

The Rio was unimpressed with my dilemma and completely ignored my report.

Will not stay at a Harrah's hotel again.

Novartis is coming to the Rio on Monday. If I get bed bugs I will look to take legal action on both the rio and novartis since this was known prior to the trip. The last thing my family and I need is this. It could be traumatic.

Stayed Dec. 27-29, 2010 in the Masquerade Tower Room 17007.

Took pictures of the bed bugs because they were clearly crawling across the bed. Called front desk and they said they couldn't do anything about it and just transferred us to another room. Management didn't seem to care that I was extremely paranoid after seeing the bugs and did nothing to reassure me that they would take care of the problem. They said I can file a claim if I want with their security department and that was it.

Traverlers, please make sure you check your mattresses! In the future, I will not be coming back to this hotel again. I'm disappointed in their service or lack of. I was a loyal Rio Customer for 12 years.

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We stayed at the Rio 11/09 - 11/14 and did not have any bed bug issues.
We were in the Ipanema Tower room 1513.
Thanks to this website we went prepared. We left our luggage on the tile entry way then took out our flash lights, stripped the bed checked the mattress, sheets, pillows, head boards, drawers and carpet perimeter around the room and found nothing.
It took some time to check out the whole room but the piece of mind was worth it. We still took precautions, we did not unpack and put

anything in the drawers, we hung up all our clothes and put our suitcases on the racks, just in case.

Travel Smart..

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My family and I stayed there from the Oct 12th-14th, 2010 and I got a couple bites, but didn't think anything of it. Til we got back home I was still getting bit. I hope the bugs didn't come home with us. ...I will just have to do some inspection at home.

We should have kept our luggage off the floor and kept it on the luggage holder/table.

stayed oct 21-24 and came home on sunday with @ 40 bites

Stayed in a Luxury Suite (1100 sq ft) and two of the four of us were bitten. Hotel stated we could file a claim if we wanted.
This visit was 13-14 Oct 2010.

Stayed in hotel from October 14-17, 2010. Upon getting back home started to see small bites up and down my arms. Hopefully they didn't come home with me!

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