Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino
3667 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109-4331

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Stayed one night may 2015 I was laying on top of the duvet waiting for my husband to bring the luggage up when he got in the room I said we need to look for bedbugs turn my head to the left and there was one trucking it on the duvet, I got up real quick and told my husband to get a tissue and if he squished it if blood came out it was a bedbug and sure enough a ton of blood came out so we called downstairs switched rooms filled out a security report gave him the bug this was at 3:30 in the morni

ng and on top of that they were pretty shitty about giving us a late check out.

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Both my children slept in one bed. On our stay of two nights they have both woken up with little bite marks all over their body's where their clothes weren't touching them. Just took them to the doctor today and confirmed these are bed big bites. Frustrating for it to me on my kids!! Now we are having to have the beds sprayed and take measures in case they came home with is sense our daughter woke up with more last night.

I was greeted this AM with bite marks on both legs, no mosquito's in the room, it must be bed bugs.

I hope that they don't hitch a ride in my luggage, my wife would have a cow if I bring these critters home.

I will tell them on check out....

Woke up in the middle of night from scratching due to bed bug bites...everywhere on my body! Security later confirmed by finding the bed bugs in the head hoards, pillows, sheets, mattresses. Had to go to 24-hr clinic & got antibiotics...then itching & no drinks the rest of the trip :(

I stayed at. The Planet Hollywood for three nights in May of 2012.

Home now, my lower legs are covered in bite marks which I am assuming are bed bugs.

Washing all my clothes, some to the dry cleaners, sending luggage out for fumigation.

I had an infestation of bedbugs at home and the only way I could have gotten them is through travel or someone staying here that traveled. The ONLY travel I did is to Las Vegas, staying at the Planet Hollywood the weekend of Halloween 2011. I am not accusing anyone, only reporting it.

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