Palazzo Resort Hotel & Casino
3324 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109-8916

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I was staying at this hotel sept20/2013-sept25 2013 and came home with rashes on my body. I went to the doctor and I really thought that it was a heat rash, but it was bed bug bites............. luckily when I came home everything in my luggage was washed and there are none in my house

We had the problem during our visit from 12/23-12/27 2012. I noticed some bites but was not sure until we came back home and brought them along. End up throwing away the mattress & stuff and pest control people were ordered just in case.

Well, two words. Bed Bugs. Me, my husband, and our two little girls ( ages 5 and 7 ) were off to Vegas. My daughters have never been to Vegas, so they were excited. They wanted to go shopping and go swimming and fun stuff. I feel bad now. They did not like their trip. We thought this would be a nice hotel. We were wrong. We stayed here from 11/19/12 to 11/19/12. Yes, I did right the same day. We didn't even stay there for an hour. We got in to the Palazzo, and it looked very nice. When we got in

our room, we thought it was nice. My little girls were already sleeping (we had to carry them in a stroller) so we wanted to put them to bed. I lift back the covers and 5 bed bugs, 2 dead, 3 alive laying on my sheets. My husband caught the alive ones in a cup and discarded the dead ones. I immediatly put my girls back in their strollers, and my husband grabbed our stuff and was getting ready to go. We weren't staying there tonight. He grabbed the bed bug cup, we showed the front desk. They said the rooms were clean and they should of not had bed bugs. Well, now I feel bad for my sweet little Amanda. It was her fifth birthday. We went the same night to the M resort. In Henderson, NV. It is close to Las Vegas, but not as loud . We liked it. It was amazing! No bed bugs, the rooms were great, the staff was nice. We bought a flashlight at a gas station and checked the room VERY through. It was safe, no bed bugs. We woke up, not a single bed bug bite. We won't be staying in Palazzo anymore.

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Just got back from a trip during CES. Stayed jan 7-11 on the 49th floor and came back with bed bites. Stay away!!!!!

My wife and I stayed at the Palazzo from 12/23/2012 thru 12/28/2012 in a suite on the 49th floor. Everything was fine for the first few days. Housekeeping will not change the sheets unless you leave a card on the bed. We forgot to do this the last few days we stayed at the hotel. We were getting ready to depart for a flight early in the morning on December 28th and I noticed that I had over 40 bites across my back. I had sat in the chair by the window (upholstered)and also slept in the bed that

night. I am not sure what the source of the bed bugs were in the room, but know that I got the bites while in the room that last night. I did not have time to wait in line at the desk to inform management about this issue since we were trying to catch an early flight. I am now worried about brining any of these bugs back into my home and have put all of our clothes in the dryer for about an hour to kill any that may have gotten on the clothing. I have also bagged our luggage in hopes that we do not get an infestation in our own home.

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I stayed in a suite at The Palazzo November 9-11, 2012. This was an upper level suite, looked very nice and clean. Four days later I had about 10 welts. The bites have continued ever since; it has now been four weeks. My welts have been diagnosed as bed bug bites by a dermatologist. Clearly the bugs have now infested my apartment and I need to go though the process of trying to get rid of them.

Stayed on the 27th floor of the Palazzo on 8/16/12. Housekeeper was in the hall at the time I wanted to check the room. She was very accomodating, and knew exactly what I was looking for when I asked her to turn up the bed linens and check behind the headboard. No sign of any bugs--she told me they were required to check each room once a guest had checked out prior to other guests checking in. She told me that you wouldn't find ANY bugs in the rooms that she maintained. Comfortable suite, n

o problems.

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My boyfriend stayed there in mid-November 2011 for a business trip. He noticed some small bugs and didn’t think much of it until about a month later when we were both itchy and dealing with bumps all over our bodies. [Now we know] by then, a month later, it was way too late. The infestation spread to my home and to his son’s mom’s home. WE ARE ALL MISERABLE.

He called the hotel; and they denied responsibility, stating there have been no other complaints about the particular room assigne

d to him. They stated he could have contracted the bedbugs anywhere and it is nearly impossible to know (prove) his bedbug problem originated from their hotel room. We know, however, beyond any doubt, that our bedbug infestation can be directly attributed to his stay at The Palazzo.

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I just returned from a 3 night stay at the Palazzo, 2/28/12 - 3/2/12, RM# 12-862 to discover at least 40 bed bug bites on my left forearm and 3 on my right wrist. I will be calling them today to alert them and having my house inspected this weekend to make sure they didn't come back with me. Very painful, inconvenient and an expensive.

I checked out of the Palazzo Resort on Dec. 5, 2011. When I returned home I had bug bites on my stomach. The swelling is increasing every day. I went to a dermatologist yesterday and the doctor confirmed that they are bug bites. She put me on antibiotics and a steroid cream. I am having a dog that smells bed bugs come to my house tomorrow to check if I brought any bugs back in my luggage.

I had the misfortune to stay in the Palazzo hotel in July 2010. After 4 nights I was covered with bites and I had no idea what was wrong. I went to a pharmacy and I asked the pharmacist if she know what could be causing it. She said from the pattern of the bites she was certain it was bedbugs. I notified the hotel and they simply moved me to another room. I later filed a claim with the hotel to which they have done nothing. I ended up with bedbugs in my home and have spent over $2000 on ex

terminator, mattress encasements, cleaning and destroying clothes. I had to be put on steroids for two months and was also diagnosed as having mites. This has got to be the nastiest place I have ever stayed!
So anybody who thinks they are staying in a nice hotel might want to take a closer look!!!

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