New York New York Hotel and Casino
New York Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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STAY FAR FAR FAR AWAY. I spent my 21st birthday here in February of 2015. I loved the hotel, amazing views and great casino. Everything was great, or so we thought. After 5 months had passed, I found bed begs in my personal bed at home. I had to call for an exterminator to get an estimate. 4 thousand dollars and some change later, I asked the exterminator how could I have gotten this infestation. The first thing he asked me was if I had stayed in a hotel 5 to 6 months ago. Sure enough, New York

New York, the only hotel we stayed at. Do not trust this hotel. A lot of people seem to believe that they can see the bugs. Well you cant in their beginning stages of life! So just because you "checked" does not mean your in the clear. They also are not only found in beds. They are so thin they can crawl behind base boards and not be seen. STAY AWAY!!!!!!

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My boyfriend and I stayed at the NYNY in May 2013 for a long weekend. Ever since we came back from our trip, I have been covered with strange welts when I woke up. My boyfriend didn't have marks, so I thought I was suffering from sudden hives initially. He noticed spots of blood on his side recently and he checked under the bed. Looks like a bugger came back on the luggage as we didn't have this problem before our Vegas trip. I remember seeing a small streak of blood on the comforter when we

first got to the room in hindsight. Paying for fumigation now! We will definitely be checking for bed bugs in hotels going forward. Ughhh!

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Stayed here June 2013. Stayed no where else and 2 days after returning we were bitten up like crazy. Sure enough, bed bugs.

5/16/2013 we stayed one night, and found no bed bugs. Even though our sheets contained human hairs, which is gross and may indicate a problem with housekeeping, there were no bugs anywhere in the room, and I checked very closely.

My family and I stayed at NYNY Hotel and Casino March 27-March 30, 2013. We did not see any signs of bedbugs and I CHECKED daily! We used the New Yorker elevators to get to our room and we experienced no bug problems. I took the sheets off and the mattress pad on a portion of both beds in our room upon arrival. Nothing but clean mattress, pad and sheets. I love to stay here, so I hope NYNY stays ahead of this problem so that it does not affect business.

I'm not buying any of this bed bug crap!! Seems funny that every flippin hotel in vegas seems to have bed bugs.. This is ridulous. I am coming to stay at New York New York, so I guess I will find out for myself...

Hello. DO NOT STAY HERE! Cough, well this hotel did not meet my expectations. Me, my husband, our two little girls (Ages 5 and 1) went to this hotel. Very nice except for the bedbug part. I only found one bedbug, but I wasn't taking any chances. I left with my luggage and went to stay somewhere else

We stayed here for our wedding 09/2011. we were married on the 23rd. The last 2 days there I was itching like crazy, I had several bite marks on my left arm between my wrist and elbow, they itched like crazy. I still have scars from them. I didn't even think bed bugs until I went to the ER a few months later for an unrelated incident and i showed him my arm and he said it appeared to be from bed bugs, it itched for months. It was obvious i was bit while sleeping as it wasn't there when i we

nt to bed and was there when i woke up in the morning. I did not report because i wasn't even thinking about bed bugs. Can't say for sure as I did not report to the hotel. i thought maybe i had just been bit by a spider or something.

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