La Quinta Tech Center
7101 Cascade Valley Ct
Las Vegas, NV 89128-0455

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I checked in 1/12/2016 into room 526, as soon as I got to my room my husband and I took apart the bed and we immediately found a live bug crawling around in the sheets and then we found several bugs hiding along the sides of the box springs. We called to the front desk and we were offered another room, the next room we went into we found no bed bugs but overall the room was nasty, behind the bed look like it has never been cleaned we were so grossed out we decided to not stay there and the fron

t desk canceled the transaction and we left. I thought the front desk handled everything very well, I thought it was disturbing that they said they would get the room 526 cleaned up and then have us stay in it the next day. If you know anything about bed bugs you can not just clean up the room and be ok with staying in it the next day, you have to treat the room.

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stayed 2 nights, on return home husband noticed many
bites on forearms. we were there april 21-23, 2012
we stayed in room 418
the hotel elevator was very noisy, bathroom not very clean.
mold under rim of sink and in toilet
breakfast was hugely disappointing.

On Monday, Aug. 2, 2010 my husband, 2 children, 2 pets and I checked into the La Quinta Tech Center. We were enjoying our stay and the room was cute. Around 4 a.m. I noticed a bug on my shirt, my husband removed it and on the way to dispose of the thing, it burst in his hand. Upon closer inspection we were horrified to see more bugs. We thought it was a tick infestation, but after checking my computer saw they were bedbugs. We immediately informed the hotel staff and packed up.

They we

re going to comp the room and move us to another, but we were so grossed out we didn't want to stay (we did check the other room first though). We didn't yell at them or cuss them out like a lot of other people would have, but I feel the staff did not handle it very well. When speaking with the front desk person, he was abrupt and rude, and not at all understanding of what we were going through.

I think we must have woken up when the bed bugs were just coming out, no one was bitten. But we did check the mattress and bed skirt where we found evidence the bed bugs had been there awhile.
We also took a couple pictures.

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