Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino
3535 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV

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We have an event at the IP/Quad every year, about 50 - 70 attendees and I organize it so I get the complaints. I have never received a complaint from any attendee nor have I ever experienced bed bugs while staying there myself. I have gotten complaints about the old rooms, maybe the smoky smell when there should not be, but never bed bugs!

This will be our eleventh year at the IP/Quad and I have to say, they are very easy people to communicate with, are extremely accommodating and even gua

ranteed our party renovated rooms for our stay this year. That's customer service.

You know a hotel is good to their people when you see the same people again and again. Rick and Roki always help us, Armando helps with our catered event. These guys have been there since we began so it's like going home for us.

I've got no complaints with the good old IP/Quad.

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We stayed there in September 2013. We were in room 12 penthouse tower 5. I awoke early in the morning by my wife hysterical with bed bugs on her legs and multiple bites on her legs and arm. I looked very close and saw one on her shirt. We took a picture of the bugs and bites and made a report. They did not seem to really care and did not want to go up and see the one we killed and was still on the pillow. They did move us to another room. They gave us a number to call but all you get is a answer

ing machine and no call backs. I can see now they don't care about people that have problems and only care about getting the rooms filled. Very sad we liked the hotel up until this happened. I just hope they took care of this room before someone else has to go through this. We had to treat all our things. Tossed our luggage to avoid transporting them to our home. I just wish they would have cared.

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BED BUGS!!! The Quad! 5th floor, tower 1. I stayed Three nights and after day two over 50 bites showed up on my body, not only is it a health hazard it nearly ruined my trip to Vegas. I was humiliated with bites on my face neck and arms but I was so itchy I couldn't enjoy my time there. When I got home I searched my luggage and found a dead one on the bottom of my bag. I have pictures of my bites and evidence of one in a plastic bag. If they don't get back to me I am going to health department.

I deserve not only my money back but an apology for lack of concern. We filed a report and are waiting to receive a call back from management.. DL#20131035092

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We stay at the IP (Quad) twice a year, never had an incident with bedbugs. Our last visit was 12/24-1/2/13, penthouse. We stay in the penthouse rooms every visit. Never an issue.

We travel a great deal and I've reported 2 hotels in the last year but never the IP.

Good Luck!

very odd that there are so many bed bug reports and all the ones that say no problems are from "anonymous"

Just returned from a Christmas vacation and all members of our party (3 rooms) noticed bits. We were in 5 rooms in total three in tower 3 and 2 in tower 2. We had been moved after our first night so not exactly sure what rooms were infected. Total of 7 adults in our party.

We complained to the front desk when we left but the manager "Cody" was not interested in hearing our concern.

The hotel was extreemly dirty.

Stayed here 8/12 and 8/13. I have a delayed reaction to bed bug bites, apparently, and living in an area where it regularly gets over 100 degrees, have never come in contact with them before - I thought they were just part of that cute little rhyme you tell kids! Well, I stayed here on Sunday and Monday (I forget now which room, but it was in the smoking tower, with the elevators just to the right of check in). It was a couple months after returning home that I noticed the bed bugs, and didn't t

hink they could have come from my Vegas stay until I realized, I had placed all my dirty clothes from the trip in a plastic bag and tied it shut, and just left it on my floor upon my return. That's where it stayed for several weeks, until I had time to wash the items. I washed a load of lights and left the dark in the bag, then had to go to work and didn'thave time to wash the rest of the clothes for several days. The bag remained open, right next to my couch. Well, three weeks after that, I find a bug moving super fast and thought it was a roach. One of my downstairs neighbors has a roach problem, so I see one from time to time (they ALWAYS freak me out). But when I squashed it, it squirted red everywhere, and I knew it wasn't a roach. Now I wish it had been. I lay on my couch a lot, sometimes fall asleep on it, so that's where the problem started but I unwittingly spread it to my bed. I live in an old building and now am terrified that my neighbors whom I love and consider friends will get infested. I am on day 5 of the cleanup and remediation of these horrific, bloodsucking beasts, have spent over 300 in cleaning and pesticide supplies, mattress covers, 91% alcohol, diatomaceous earth, trash bags, caulking and tape, not to mention the cost of the demolition crew that are coming in the morning to remove over 2k worth of infested furniture - AND the cost of replacing my couch, chair, computer chair, bedroom furniture and cat tree. I didn't want to stay at (another more expensive hotel I don't want to mention by name because I don't want anyone to think this is a scare tactic designed to sway people into booking somewhere specific - I know any hotel can have bed bugs) anyway, I didn't want to stay there because it was $100 more per night. Now, I wish I had just paid that. Cuz, holy crap, in supplies, lost furniture, replacement furniture and lost work to deal with this, I could have treated myself to a week in Europe! Not to mention that I STILL have to pay an exterminator to come out. And this doesn't count the sleepless nights, the anxiety, the wary looks from my boss thinking I'm a pariah , or the 12 to 16 hours a day of manual labor, laundromat frenzy, vacuuming, spraying, scrubbing,itching, scratching, jumping on any piece of lint or dust like it were a vampire....

Unfortunately, days before this infestation broke out, I booked another stay at imperial palace, which is non-refundable. I am not sure if I should just chalk that money up as one more expense or let them know when I check in about my last experience and then thoroughly check the bed, frame, carpet, and take along a travel spray and my new incessantly-googled knowledge about bed bugs.

I don't blame the hotel, necessarily- with the rate of turnover,i can't imagine it's easy to regulate bed bugs, and maids who get paid crap (and are at the highest risk for taking them home to their own families) should not be the ones who have to look out for them. But I do think the hotel should make regular inspections for them. I don't know if they do - maybe I was just unlucky - but I've stayed in some real sh*t dives off the strip dozens of times and never come home with bed bugs.

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I've been a returning guest at Imperial Palace (IP) for over 3 years now and have never had a bug problem period. My last stay at IP was on 5/28/12 through 6/1/12. We stay on the 14 floor in room 1495. NO BED BUGS!!!! Also stayed on the 2nd floor, in front of the pool, in December and had no problems either.

I am highly allergic to bed bug bites, so it is very important to me that I stay in a bed bug free environment. Here are some tips for avoiding bed bugs when staying at a hotel/motel/in


1) Research the hotel/motel/inn before booking for any bed bug problems or reports.
2) Upon arriving, check the mattress, box spring, bed corners, and dresser drawers for bed bugs and bed bug eggs (black little specks).
3) Place dirty clothes in a sealed plastic bag to avoid bug contamination.
4) Bed bugs are nocturnal. They usually come out for feeding between 2am and 4am. If you can avoid staying in your hotel room between these hours you are guaranteed to avoid any bed bug bites. This shouldn't be too hard to do in a city like Las Vegas.
5) It is easy to take bed bugs home with you in your luggage. To avoid this place the luggage in the blazing hot sun for a few hours. Bed bugs cannot survive extremely hot temperatures. It is also recommended you wash your clothes with hot water and heat dry them.

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My husband and I stayed at the Bellagio in room 24630 from 5/27-5/29/012. I woke up with bed bug bites all over my legs and torso. We really like this property and stay here every time we visit Vegas. Unfortunately, we will be staying elsewhere in the future.

We stayed at the Imperial Palace from March 7-12, 2012. No bedbugs. Room was neat and clean. We noticed that the maids had sheets and blankets in a sealed plastic container when they changed the sheets on other people's beds, obviously to reduce the chance of bugs, etc. In reading through this registry it appears that all hotels are subject to bedbugs. You can pay a lot to stay in a fancy place if you're going to sit in the room all day. If you're seeing the sites and out of the room most

of the time, this is the place to stay.

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Stayed at the Imperial Palace
Jan 9th -13th..

YES::: BED BUGS !!!!!

I did register a complaint and the management took my statement..ref# DL20120112144

This was followed up by a "third party" CCMSI.
taking a telephone interview.

This third party happens to work for the Hotel ..

So take your issues to the public health department..

I did have over a hundred bits ,,, be aware that I took 3 days to start reacting..So once you have signs of bites your in for an awful experience.


CCMSI Are professional con artists...

ps: I have photos of my bites ...

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My wife and I stayed at the IP in early December for 4 nights. We were in one of the 'luv tub' suites on the 13th floor (room 1315, to be exact). Had no sign of bites. Was very happy with the hotel in general.

My husband and I stayed in Imperial Palace feb/2010 and have had absolutely no bug bites whatsoever. My brother and his wife along with a couple of friends stayed there as well and had ano problems. The rooms are a little outdated but we had a great time and NO BUG BITES. We have stayed there every year for the last 4 years and no problems. Cant remember the room # but we were on the 9th floor. My brother and friends were all on different floors and no problems.John and Linda from Edmonton

We stayed 9/26/11 - 9/30/11 in tower 5 room 1669 and had no problems with bed bugs. We even used flashlights looking for bed bugs when we first arrived but could not find anything, the room was very clean.

stayed at Hotel on September 15, 2011. Next morning I noticed several bites on my arm. Over several days bites started to appear over my uppter body and on my legs. Went to Physician who told me I was bitten by bed bugs. Called Hotel and they filed report and told me they would get back to be in several days. Have not heard from them in a week and have not returned phone calls.
Had to throw out suit cases and clothes. The risk management employee gave me the third degree and told me they would

respond in a few days.

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Stayed @ IP 5x's in the last 4 yrs. Bedbug free, no problems! We will be there again in Feb of 2012. Please post room numbers if you have problems!!!! Thank you!

I stayed at this hotel on the weekend of March 19, 2011. My room was clean no reports of bed bugs. The reason I picked this hotel to stay is because they were no reports of bed bugs. Now I see there is. :(

Stayed in room 14114 in the 1 and 2 towers of imperial palace from 08/26-08/29. Had a few friends sharing the room with me and one of the friends got bug bites. Unsure if they were bed bugs. Didn't investigate because he was the only one who got bit and the only one who slept on the floor.

Didn't put my suitcase on the floor or bed and only hung up my clothes. Since checking this website and watching bedbug apocalypse on tv, I should have been more aware. I am still paranoid I may have broug

ht them home. Will keep on the look out at my house for any signs. I never want bedbugs in my home.

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We stayed at the IP both on 8/2/11 in Penthouse 22 and again 8/8/8-8/10 on the tenth floor, tower 5 and had absolutely no problems either time.

April 23 - 28, 2011...
we travelled in a group, 7 out 8 of the couples were bedbug free...
my bf and I stayed at this hotel, we were bed bug free,
my coworker also stayed at this hotel same dates, and she and her partner were infested with bed bug bites, so i guess it all depends on what floor you stay... i don't know
when she phoned the hotel and let them know, they said they would send security to check... hmmm

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