Howard Johnson Las Vegas
1401 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV

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I just stayed at this hotel from 19-23 June, 2014 and have come home covered in bed bug bites. I reported it to the hotel and requested a refund. I was told no refund would be given as the room was used. I'm now seeing many reports of bed bugs at this hotel so it seems it is an ongoing issue that they're not doing anything about fixing.

I literally have about 150 bites all over me. I have 24 on one hand alone.

We just stayed here on 5/26/14 . We had never stayed at a Howard Johnson but didn't think it would be that bad . We were passing vegas late on our way to San Diego and my kids were tired so decided to find a hotel for the night .It wasn't very clean it smelled of smoke but we decided to tough it out . In the morning my kids had bite marks and we found several bed bugs . We told the front desk person he said he had never heard of any bedbugs there before but would take care of it ASAP which I

really doubt . He said he would speak to the manager about getting our money back and that still hasn't happened . Now I'm afraid of the possibility that we brought them home . Don't know how to fix this problem but that place should be closed !! Stay away

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I stayed at this hotel (room 219) during the Obama campaign. The first night I found a bed bug crawling on my arm, took the bug to the lobby and showed it to the desk personnel. They showed no concern, but indicted they would inform the morning staff.

The next day, I asked the morning staff about the bed bug and they had heard nothing about it. They told me they would inform management of the situation.

As I was leaving, I spoke with a third person at the front desk about the bug and

her face went pale in horror. She informed me that she had only worked there for two days and would report it to management.

I seriously doubt that this hotel is doing anything about this. I WAS IN ROOM 219!!!!

I have since spent around $800 and numerous hours and still have the problem in my house.

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My girlfriend recently stayed at this motel for two nights. She noticed bedbugs in her room at the end of her stay and reported it to the front desk. They said they would report it to management and noticeably downplayed the situation.

We now have bed bugs in our house and have been having a nightmare trying to get rid of them.

In the middle of May 2010. I found bedbugs in my room. I told management and the offered me nothing. No refund, no discount, nothing! They said that they would look into it.

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