Cosmopolitan Resort & Casino
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Las Vegas, NV

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Stayed in room 4133 on 3/10/15 and found bites that have grown and itched. Called in after came home to report issue.

Found a bedbug in my bed the first night at the hotel. The hotel said they have not had a complaint but after checking the Internet, there have been multiple complaints over the years. They moved us to another room, but no one from the hotel has said anything other than they will have people evaluate the room. Came for a meeting and don't want to bring this home to my children.

On November 2 2014 we stayed in room 4933. I woke up in the middle of the night with my ankles itching. In the morning my ankles had about 12 swollen itchy bites. I called and made a report but they simply said there have been no other reports. Once I googled it I now see there are actually several reports. They switched our room an said they would test and treat the room an get back to me. Pictures of my ankles were taken an now I am scared to bring my luggage in the house.

I found a bedbug on the pillow of my bed on my first night. I was moved into another room and requested that a manager follow up with me- i stayed four days and each manager said they would get back to me- no one ever did. I have emailed the last one i spoke to twice and requested a report of the vendor that supposedly inspected and exterminated the room. i have received nothing. i asked how they would ensure that i didn't brig these bugs home but they kept telling me not to worry and that s

omeone would call me- i ended up throwing away all my luggage once i was home and immediately washing all clothes- sprayed everything with alcohol and hoping this is enough. I can't believe how unhelpful they were.
I showed the head of housekeeping and she confirmed that what i found was indeed a bedbug.

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Stayed there on Aug 9-11th 2013, got some bites on my legs and back, pretty sure it was bed bugs. Stayed on 50th floor. Hope I didn't bring these itchy little bugs home. Never had anything like this before.

Stayed only one night in the One Bedrm Terrace Suite in February 2013. Noticed two bites on my arms in the morning. Now, 2 weeks later, have bites and rash sports all over my chest and now spreading to me neck. Whole upper body itches!! Pretty sure I brought home whatever was biting me. Could also be scabies! Yikes! Off to the Dermatologist, I go!!

I stayed there from February 9 through 13. I noticed my first bite on February 11. The bites kept increasing in number until I left. They are on my hands and right arm. Luckily I was only bitten five times (thanks to my long sleeved pjs and socks!) and my companion wasn't bitten at all. But my goodness!! These things itch!!

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