Bally's Las Vegas Hotel
3645 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109-4321

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My husband and I just got back from a trip to Vegas, and stayed at Bally's for two nights. My husband developed small red bites/welts that are now itchy, and I am afraid these are bed bug bites, based on what I've read so far online. I am disgusted, and a bit worried that we have now brought these into our home! So gross, beware if you are staying at Ballys! I found this site and see several reports from 2013...great.

Stayed for 1 night this past week. Woke to find a bedbug crawling on the sheets. Killed it and blood splattered all over. Reported it upon check out and had to fill out a report with the security guard who looked as tore up as the hotel. Don't Stay here!

My husband and I stayed at Bally's from March 31-April 4th in room 520. The room was clean and fresh although a bit dated. NO BEDBUGS! I was worried after reading that 134 hotels in Vegas have them so I wanted to make people aware that we did not have bedbugs during our stay. Staff was very friendly and when leaving for the airport we found out that our shuttle was not coming back to the hotel and we might have to call a cab. A new employee that normally picks high rollers up at the airport offe

red to take us in his sedan for $20.00, he was a life saver. Would definitely recommend this hotel.

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I stayed at this hotel, in a suite no less, and woke up to irritation and itching all over my back. I than inspected the bed and found one brownish flat bed bug on the sheet and another along the trim of the mattress. After placing two calls to the front desk in an attempt to report the issue, they stated that security had to take the report and that someone would be sent up to the room to do so. In typical Corporate fashion, the hotel tried to evade taking a formal report by not sending anyone

up after two calls because that would document the incident and confirm a bed bug infestation. This is an important fact because if they took the report and failed to correct the problem they would be legally liable for any other guest that suffered the same fate as me. Shiesty Corps. always count on them to train staff well on how to evade liability. Anyhow, knowing full well how these pricks operate, I placed both bed bugs I found in one of the two glass cup provided in the room and held a paper cover at the bottom as I took it down to the VIP front desk. Lol, front desk "expert" immediately took the cup off the counter in an effort to not alarm any of other VIP guests and quietly said, "Sir, these aren't bed bugs, they are more indicative of what a flea looks like and that is because we are a pet friendly hotel." Nice cop-out!!! I looked it up and what I found was 1000% bed bugs. BEWARE CAESARS ENTERTAINMENT is well aware of this issue in there hotels and has trained their staff very well on how to avoid liability...... Make sure to create a record of the incident in the hotel no matter how many roadblocks they try to set up. This will force them to clean up their act or be suceptible to legal liability and any guest that is harmed!!

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