Sun God Lodge
919 Paseo Del Pueblo Sur
Taos, NM 87571

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I was in Room 140, bottom floor. At around 8pm while I was on my laptop a I saw a rather large bedbug right next to me. I squished it, only to realize it had definitely bitten me before I got it. Seeing a bedbug that large and slow, and that early in the night... it was pretty indicative, to me, that they have been there for a while. We even checked the bed when we checked in... So, they have good hiding spots.

I switched rooms, into a different building. I don't feel great about it. There

are holes in the mattress and I see one brown spot on the bed liner. Unfortunately, my husband is at a conference until quite late, with the car... I am not sure if we will stay here the rest of the night.

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