Quality Inn Taos
1043 Paseo Del Pueblo Sur
Taos, NM 87571-5969

Found 2 reports:

Spent 3 nights in an infested room. A few bites showed up after the second night, figured it was a spider. After 3rd night, woke up to 30-40 bites all over my body. Looked thoroughly and found a brown bug crawling under my pillow. Told the GM and said that since it took 3 nights for them to show up I must've brought them. I think he just didn't want to admit out of fear of legal ramifications. Other coworkers at the hotel also had several bites but not quite to the same extent as I. When

I took the bug to the front desk she gave off the impression that this might be a recurring issue. Also, I found a plastic cover around the infested mattress. It was probably there to combat the infestation. This hotel has a bed bug problem that they're not willing to admit.

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2-12-15: saw reddish bug in bed next to mine (2 queen sized beds in room). Called front desk and they sent up maintenance guy who said it didn't look like a bed bug (he took the bug in a plastic cup). I decided to stay in the room since it was 11 PM and was tired. As I walked by that bed again right after he left, I saw another bug - smaller but same bug. Called front desk again and told them I wanted a different room, which they accommodated. Different guy came up this time and said it was a be

d bug. Thankfully I don't think I got any on me in the bed I was sitting in but I'm totally grossed out!

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