El Pueblo Lodge
412 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte
Taos, NM

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I am sorry to hear about your bed bug issue. However, I do not believe they originated from our property. For several years, bed bugs have been a major concern for hotels, and we have always taken the issue very seriously. That is why we have a monthly inspection conducted by a national commercial pest control service and keep careful records. If we ever do receive a report of bedbugs, our pest control service is contacted immediately for a thorough inspection, such reports

have been extremely rare and no beds bugs have ever been found. Once we received your email, we contacted our service and they specifically inspected the room you occupied and no bed bugs were found. I am aware that your stay was over 3 months ago, but bed bugs do not simply leave a location unless they are exterminated. Since the room you occupied has been verified to be “clean” of bedbugs now, it is highly improbable to impossible that they were present in April. We will always make it right for any problem a guest encounters at the El Pueblo Lodge, but in this case, after the thorough inspection by our pest control experts, we are confident the bed bugs did not come from our hotel.

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Our family stayed overnight at this otherwise lovely hotel and came home with a SEVERE and very EXPENSIVE case of bed bugs. It's awful.

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