El Monte Sagrado
317 Kit Carson Rd
Taos, NM 87571-6405

Found 2 reports:

Management immediately (same day) called in pest control experts following the complaint by the guest who reported the incident listed here. They found no indication whatsoever of bedbugs. Additionally when people are bitten by bed bugs, there are small drops of blood left on the sheets where the bites occurred. This was not the case in this instance which also confirmed the conclusion of the pest control experts that bed bugs were not present.

Paranoia over national bed bug reports may

be to blame for over reaction by some people as we believe to be the case in this instance. No other complaints, which you would expect if bed bugs were present, have been received from any other guests.

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Taos Mountain Room 427
June 8-9, 2010
Bed bugs emerged from the headboard both nights. Initially unsure at first of what they were, we killed them. However, in the night we were awoken by the sensation of bugs crawling on us. Additionally, there were welts on my husband's body from the bites. Management denied there were bed bugs and did not address the problem.

No nearby bug reports