Don Fernando DE Taos Hotel
1005 Paseo Del Pueblo Sur
Taos, NM 99999

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Husband and I were checked in to room 213, the room was marginally clean, the bathroom had some mold,we found old food/bags of cheetos behind the bed when we moved back the mattress to plug in our computers.

I noticed the window was cracked and patched with clear packing tape. We have stayed there in the past and the place had gone downhill, since we were there about a year ago.
Parts of the upstairs rooms were roped off, the hot tub had supposedly just broken but we found out later it had

been out of order for over a month.

Rooms were cheap and we decided we would stay the the two nights anyway. Second evening about 6 pm, had the covers pulled back over the pillows, sitting on top of the fold and leaning back on the headboard working on my computer when I looked up and saw a bedbug crawling quickly across the other pillow that I was not using on the other side of the bed. I hollered for husband, he came in caught it and we put it in a plastic cup from bathroom, covered that with a small plastic bag. I stayed in the room to pack up our belongings. Husband promptly took the bug up to the office where he presented it to front desk clerk who called manager on the phone. Manager was on the grounds somewhere but but did not bother to come up front. Clerk gave a detailed description of the bug to the manager through the phone. They asked if he could keep the "specimen" and refunded our money without question. We left in a quick hurry.


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