Comfort Inn Silver City
1060 Us-180
Silver City, NM 88061-7820

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I checked into room 111 at the Comfort Inn on October 2nd I woke up the next morning with a few of dozen bites and have reported to the front desk. I am upset to find out that it had already reported that they had bed bugs in room 111 in August.

This is Anon again - got my dates messed up. They rented the same room (RM 111) on 28 Aug, not 28 Sep. The very next day after I reported the bed bugs.

On 27 Aug 2013, I encountered bed bugs in room 111. The first night I thought it was from mosquitos but the second night I actually caught a bed bug in a baggie and showed it to the hotel clerk. The clerk desk was reluctant to change my room at first but did so any way. Over the course of two nights, I received 38 itchy, painful welts that drove me nuts for a few days. (By the way - there was no other place I could stay in town...) I left on 30 Aug and found out they rented that room again on

28 Sep! I don't know if they took any measures to kill the bed bugs. I tried reporting the problem to the local health department and they told me there was no avenue for this type of reporting in NM, other than this web site.

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