The Lodge at Santa Fe
750 North St. Francis Dr
Santa Fe, NM 87501

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

I went to bed about an hour before my wife. When she came to get into the bed I was being bitten by about a dozen bedbugs. I contacted the front desk and they offered to give us another room. We left the hotel immediately. Management has not contacted me to apologize or offer to reimburse for expenses to fumigate our luggage and clothing.

My girlfriend and I stayed for two nights 6/15/2015 and 6/16/2015. We began seeing bite marks within the next 24 hours. We did not have the chance to examine the bedding because we had already checked out, but each of us had several clusters of 3-4 bites on our arms, legs and faces after our stay.

I stayed at this hotel where three of us were bitten by bed bugs. I took a couple of the bugs we found in our bed the following morning to the hotel staff and they refunded half the room. Later, we were fully refunded. Staff informed us that an eco team found that they were confined to that one particular room. Fortunately, I did not bring them home with me. Use caution and check beds before lying in them. Put luggage on luggage racks and leave nothing on floor or bed. The date of this tri

p was sometime in early Spring, around March, 2010.

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