Park Inn and Suites Santa Fe
2907 Cerrillos Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87507-2310

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This report is for the Adobe Inn and Studios 2907 Cerrillos Rd in Santa Fe NM.

Extended stay trip Oct 2012. Great rate, nice staff. Approx. 10 days of bites. Bed bug crawling up my leg allowed id on line confirming bed bug. Now methodically working hard at eliminating problem before bringing everything into house and creating a nightmare. Had to throw some things away. Spent many many hours with dryer and other advised remedies to prevent bringing infestation.
Too early to tell, but prayin

g the bugs were left outside or killed!

Had ck'd bed bug registry and discussed issue with hotel before booking. Assured no problem...they fumigate once a month. On arrival, I wiped down all surfaces with antibacterial cloth & eyeballed mattress. Figured first couple weeks with no problem due to gestation period. Must have hatched and had about 20 bites in total on face, neck, legs, ankles,hands & upper back.

Fresh sheets provided once a week for guest to make up bed. Requested fresh blanket and mattress cover most weeks with no problem.

Advised hotel of issue. Not sure of resolve. Waiting to finalize with Mgr.on his return.

First experience with this...hopefully the last!

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