La Fonda on the Plaza
100 E San Francisco St
Santa Fe, NM 87501

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Due to the very personalized experience associated with hotel stays – where a room or suite becomes a "home away from home" for our guests while they’re with us — we make certain that cleanliness is our top priority. We appreciate the effort on behalf of this guest to inform management of a potential pest problem. Obviously, this is a serious issue that we – of course – take every precaution to prevent. At even the suggestion of a problem, we conduct a thorough investigation using cert

ified pest control experts. Our investigation revealed that the declaration of an issue at La Fonda was absolutely unfounded. And,­ since we monitor our guest rooms daily, we don’t anticipate any problems going forward.

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We stayed at La Fonda for two nights (Aug. 5-6, 2011). I awoke with itchy patches that soon became a rash with bite marks. As we were leaving the hotel, I saw a bed bug on the bedside table lamp. I reported this to the front desk as we left, and I also called the hotel later to confirm that the information had been shared with the manager. We have never had a problem with bed bugs in our home, and we did not travel anywhere else on this trip.

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