Koa Kampgrounds
934 Old Las Vegas Hwy
Santa Fe, NM 87505-1407

Found 2 reports:

I also stayed at a Kamping Kabin at this KOA in 2009. We found bedbugs. When reported to the management they said. "OH, we thought we were rid of them" WTF? A blind man could have seen those bed bugs. I would never stay here again just because of their "so what" attitude.

A friend and I coming from different households in different cities stayed for 2 nights (Aug 22 and 23) at one of the KOA kabins (#2, I believe) in Santa Fe. Linens were brought from an unifested household in Santa Fe. On the 25th we both noticed lots of itchy bites on our skin. I have I called the campground and they said bedbugs are a common problem at campgrounds though they had not had complaints about the "kabin" prior to us. To their credit, they were apologetic and were going to look int

o it.

I have about 20 bites on each arm. Never saw the bed bugs but seems likely. A third friend we were with for 3 days but who slept elsewhere had no bites. Too bad because the place was cute with nice staff.

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