Inn of the Governors
101 W Santa Fe Ave
Santa Fe, NM 87505-8830

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This is Sam Gerberding, the General Manager of the Inn of the Governors. I wanted to take a minute and express the Inn's commitment to preventing bedbug infestations. We start with a well trained housekeeping staff who pays very close attention to possible infestations and end with me and our Cheif Engineer who respond quickly to treat the room. We will, without question, remove the room from inventory regardless of the season or lost revenue until we are 100% confident that we have eradic

ated the concern. In the event a guest has a concern or has experienced a bed bug, we respond very quickly and work thoroughly and kindly to help the guest in every way possible.

If you ever have questions regarding our method of treatment etc., feel free to contact me directly at [email protected]


Sam Gerberding
General Manager
Inn of the Governors
[email protected]

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We stayed at the Inn of the Governors passing through New Mexico in March 2012 and had no issues. On our return the first week of April, we stayed again for two nights in a different room . I awoke with a bite on my leg and found a small translucent bug and numerous 'dirt' spots on the sheets. I thought bed bugs were reddish brown but after arriving home I did some research and the small translucent bug did indeed match exactly a photo of a young bed bug found online. I left a message with th

e hotel manager letting him know, have not heard back.

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My wife and I stayed at the Inn of the Governors in Santa Fe, New Mexico for 10 nights from March 23 to April 1, 2012. We had absolutely no encounters with bed bugs or any other type of infestation or uncleanliness. As a matter of fact, the hotel status was of the highest order with attentive and friendly staff, very clean facilities and excellent food and ambience. We would stay there again in a heartbeat.

2/182012. Checked into a double room, picked the hotel in part because of a clean bedbug report. Sitting on the bed, noticed something moving - a brown bug. Caught it in a water glass, and checked it against pictures on the internet. Bedbug.

I checked the mattresses - they had clearly put in some effort, zip-on full mattress covers as everything. Found just one more bug, already dead, but I didn't search exhaustively.

My husband took it down to the front desk, they were very nice and o

ffered us a choice of two other rooms or the option to leave with no cost for our stay. We left.

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