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Woke up Sunday, November 13th to bed bug crawling across white comforter....smashed it.

Went to restroom, came back, another one crawling up pillow. Captured it in glass for management who appreciated this (sent to local lab). They called for pest control to come out and take care of the room (after I left the room). The management also informed me that they get rid of all parts of the bed when they have an infestation--they don't just "clean" it.

As far as how the management handled the s

ituation, they could not have been better. My charges were all dismissed; they offered to move me to an upgraded room with no bed bugs....room service/free food, laundered my clothes, etc. Offered many apologies.

Unsettling, to say the least, to wake up to bed bugs. Management was very accomodating, and did the best they could, I feel, to "make things right."

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