Garrett's Desert Inn
310 Old Santa Fe Trl
Santa Fe, NM 87501-2708

Found 3 reports:

I stayed for 2 4day stays (total eight nights there) when doing radiation for cancer. I am not positive, but I think I got the bed buds there. I called now and the person I spoke with was very polite and concerned. The manager is to call me back on Monday.

Dad got bites and dealing with the aftermath. More to come. Stayed 9/16-9/18

My husband and I stayed here in January, 2012. I found alive bug crawling across the sheet. We captured it and brought it home and had it tested at an A & M veterinarian research facility. It pored to be a bed bug full of blood. We reported this to the hotel manager who said they had previously but not in that particular room. The manager was rude. We reported this to the New Mexico Health Department and to the Santa Fe Hotel Association yet it does not appear on this registry. We are tol

d that hotels in Santa Fe are infested with uncontrolled bed bugs.

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