Hampton Inn Las Cruces
755 Avenida De Mesilla
Las Cruces, NM 88005-6573

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I stayed on 5 June in Room 138. The following day I had probably 100 little insect bites--some with a bit of blood drawn--on my forearms in curiously straight lines. I really didn't think about it too much, but they progressively became more inflamed and itchy. I did a little netsurfing and pretty quickly came to the conculsion that it was bedbugs--my bites exactly match descriptions. I only stayed one night and had my luggage in the trunk of the car all day in the NM desert sun, but I still

shallacked the heck out of my suitcase with Hot Shot for bedbugs and washed and dried my clothes for an extra time on my return.

I didn't notice any 'signs' while I was there, but I had turned out the lights and then got under the covers, so I would have missed the characteristic signs.

This is the first time this happened to me--I joke that this is the ghetto Hampton in Las Cruces, but I'm 100% certain of that now.

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