Travelodge Gallup
3275 W Historic Highway 66
Gallup, NM 87301-6840

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I woke up to look like I had hemorraged in my bed, I looked all over my body & didn't see anything at all. Then, for a split second, I thought...why would they put blood stained sheets on a bed? Then I pulled the covers back & had dead bugs on the bed...apparently i rolled on them & squashed them. I had never seen or experienced anything like this before. So I took a picture & sent to my friend, an exterminator, who told me what they were. I didn't see any bites, he said they make 3 dots. My spo

use had one in bed with him and some small amounts of blood & you could see his bites. The clerk gave us a ton of trash bags to put our stuff in & gave us another room. I wanted to leave the hotel completely as we had paid for 4 nights. They did not offer or issue a refund. The clerk said this was the first time it's ever happened but something told me it wasn't & that's when I found this site and another report. This same owner owns the Red Roof Inn in Gallup too. I will never stay at either of them again. Btw, I am from Iowa and very familiar with wood ticks & these bed bugs look like ticks so don't be confused by that. Ticks stick into your skin & keep feeding until you remove them. These little guys are cowards... they bite & run.

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I stayed for 8 nights beginning June 21, 2013 for an event in the town. After about 3 nights I began itching and breaking out on arms, jaw, feet & legs. I captured a bed bug hiding on my clothing and trapped it in a container. It was identified as a bed bug. My guest who arrived 3 days later also wound up with about 30 bites. I suffered over 65 painful bites, the size of a quarter or bigger.

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