Days Inn Farmington Nm
1901 E Broadway St
Farmington, NM

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I got bed bugs sometime at the end of September 2008. Sad to say, but I fully expected it, but didn't have much choice of a hotel. I can't remember the room number, but it was the double room on the first level. Luckily, the red, itchy bumps on my arms went away a few days later.

We (myself, 2 daughters and 1 son) checked in on October 4, 2008 at about 2:30 p.m. paid i believe $64.00. I believe the room number was 229 non smoking. As we checked in took our staff into the room, we did not check or suspected of any bugs as the room seem clean. We returned at about 8:00 a.m. in the evenning and went to bed as we were tired. the next morning my son was scratching/itching on his back, arms, legs and i notice there was red bumps. Both my daughters were also having the same

problem. As for myself luckily i didn't get bit. One of my daughters notice there was a bug on the night stand then another on the bed by the window. At this time we all jumped out of bed and starting shaking out belongings and cleaning whatever we brought in. I had never expencience any bedbugs in my life so i didn't know what they were. Out of curiosity as we were leaving i pulled off the fitted sheet on the bed by the window and oh my god there was alot of these little insects on the bed on the seams/edges. I had to buy an itch cream in Albq. that was our destination.

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2/27/08 At the Days Inn Farmington, can't remember the room number but I want to say it was on the 3rd floor. No exterior signs of bedbugs until we went to sleep and they feasted on me. Woke up with welts and when the lights were turned on, many little specks "scattered" into hiding. I notified the front desk and they didn't seem to understand what I was talking about (their English was limited). They kept asking if they were "BIG bugs" and I was trying to explain that they were "BED bugs".

I have written to the manager and to corporate. I only got a response from corporate who says that they have no control over the hotel because they are independently owned and operated. Thanks Days Inn. I won't be staying at any of your hotels again.

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