Econo Lodge Clovis
1400 Mabry Dr
Clovis, NM

Found 2 reports:

I killed a few cockroaches in the room I stayed in. There were some in the microwave, refrigerator and on floor in bathroom. I reported it to the front desk and was told there were no bugs in their hotel. I even showed the housekeeper and was still told there was none. I do not recommend this hotel. If you can avoid this hotel, do so.

My husband is currently working in farwell, texas. He arrived at this motel Sunday August 29, 2010. He recently called me tuesday or wednesday and said he had bug bites on him. He wasn't sure what they were but it looked like a mosquito bite. Well he sent me a picture of his bites and I looked it up on the internet and sure enough it is bed bug bites. So I believe that this motel needs to be looked in on. This is nonsense and very nasty. He called today and said he had new bites, so it has to be

bed bugs. Also the other guys he rooms with don't have any bites, but that is because they are not allergic to them. He looks like he has a disease or something.

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