Super 8
3817 National Parks Hwy
Carlsbad, NM 99999

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I reserved a room for May 7th, 2009. When we arrived, the room we were given (room 222) had no sheets on the bed. I called to report that and was told we'd get a different room assigned. When I got to the desk to swap keys, the receptionist told me that room wasn't supposed to be rented out because there was a known bed bug issue (this would be the same person who handed me the keys not five minutes past). The second room had double beds instead of the king we'd reserved and there were no other

rooms available with a king. We canceled our stay. Happily we were given no quarrel for canceling and no charge even though I'd reserved it under the no cancellations internet price. The bed bug issue made my fiance very nervous. He'd sat on that bed while waiting for me to go get the new keys, since at the time we just thought the room hadn't been fully serviced.

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I booked a room there through Price Line. When I got there it seemed kind of shady. I checked the bed and there were bed bugs all over the pillow, and under the mattress. It was disgusting. I called price line immediately and they got me another room and my money refunded from this horrible hotel DO NOT STAY HERE.
The owner of the hotel was there and he told me they had paid lot's of money to an exterminator to get rid of the bugs but obviously this is not true. Worst exp of my life when

traveling. I actually suggest staying in El Paso and driving to Carlsbad. The hotels there are filthy.

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The Super 8 at 3817 Natl Parks Highway is infested with bedbugs. We found two live bedbugs, bedbug excrement in the bed, and blood stains on the sheets after sleeping there one night. I and my husband found ourselves covered with over 50 welts per person from the single night in room 313. We found one bug in room 315 as well, but that member of our party was not covered in welts. I showed a dead bug to the front desk staff (the manager was still asleep at the time) and they did not seem surprise

d and did not offer to refund the cost of our stay. We moved to another hotel for our second planned night in Carlsbad. We know they rented the room again the next night because we returned for a book we'd left behind and the desk worker said she couldn't check the room because it was occupied.

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Bed bug found in bed, I was sleeping, Girlfriend opened her side of the bed and yelled, waking me up, she then asked me to get a tissue.

she got it and "popped" it, it had a good quantity of red blood (probably mine).

this was room 217
on Sept. 18 2009

Room 213, was supposed to be our room, but the bed was on the wall and sheets piled on the floor.

The night clerk did not seem surprised but did seem concerned and somewhat resigned.

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